Sunday, May 8, 2016


Pink is every girl's favorite color. I should know! But now that I'm a full-grown woman and a mother at that, pink remains my fave!I don't know what's the magic behind this color but it sure casts a spell on me. I love it most of course, when it's my lipstick shade!And then,COLOURPOP HIGHBALL CAME ALONG!



PACKAGING: It was love at first sight, alright! The gold-plated tip and handle and the length of the lipstick was perfect. Very easy to hold and control while applying it on your lips.

UPON APPLICATION: While the mere sight of this lippie shade excites me, using it on my lips was pure bliss! Described as a "hot red-pink shade", it's very pigmented and one swipe was more than enough to enjoy full coverage. So amazed of the results! After a few seconds, you will think it feels dry but no, it simply looks and feels smooth to the lips. It doesn't budge and stays incredibly long on your lips, too! 

THE VERDICT: I AM SIMPLY IN LOVE WITH COLOURPOP HIGHBALL!Very ideal for day wear and goes well with any get-up. I feel girly and oh so feminine with this shade on. I can go on using this lippie shade for ages and never get bored,PROMISE!

Here's a close-up view of Colourpop Highball on the lips, especially for fair-skinned women.  ( Photo credits from Google) 

Ah, just the mere sight of this shade makes me so happy!! How about you, sweeties! It's time to try this girly lippie shade today! Check out The Vanity Belle via their Facebook page on how to avail this and other Colourpop shades.

Mwah- mwah!! 


Going out with friends? Or just feeling feminine yet ultra vampy? Then COLOURPOP ELLARIE LIPPIE STIX  is the perfect lippie for you! Check out the reasons why!


PACKAGING:  Very handy and sleek, it can fit in your purse or hand bag really well! White all over with the lippie's shade in its tip,the packaging is very simple in terms of outside appearance.  But don't be fooled! Wait till you swipe it into your lips!

UPON APPLICATION:  Ellarie has a matte finish and glides on smoothly on your lips. I was surprised at the effect! Described as a sultry cranberry shade, this lippie stix sure rocks! The effect of the lippie stix will vary slightly depending on your skin tone. As I am a morena,the effect on me was a deep red hue. Very rich texture that is non-drying and stays long in your lips!

THE VERDICT: I adore this lippie stix! It's so non-drying and glides on smoothly. Your lips look full and supple and that vampy look well-achieved. This lippie stix looks great with casual evening wardrobes but can go great for day wear, too! 

As you can see, there's a growing trend for dark and blackish shades these past few days, fueled by Taylor Swift and Katy Perry's latest choices.These latest lippie trends just goes to show that it's that time of the year when dark and color-rich lippie shades are truly the in thing!

SO DON'T SCRIMP WHEN IT COMES TO LIPPIE-LOVIN'STUFF! Get your Colourpop Lippie Stix shades only from The Vanity Belle. Check their Facebook page for the latest updates on these great products.

 Get that perfect pucker now, my dearies!!


Lipsticks are considered necessities for the women of today. They add color and charm and complete your over-all look. I admit, I am naive when it comes to make-up and all that face-prepping regimen. Maybe it's just me, but then again, maybe it's just my imagination! haha! Truth to tell is, I am the uber-simple type of woman when it comes to make-up. So simple that I am happy with only lipstick and a touch of mascara. Now let's talk lipstick. At my age, I can say I've tried countless lippie brands, from Avon and Ever Bilena to more sophisticated brands like Mary Kay. These brands are trustworthy when it comes to cosmetics and I adore the shades. UNTIL RECENTLY, when I learned of Colourpop through  my cousin.


PACKAGING: The packaging is chic, with gold plated handle and so handy! Described as a "cool-toned blue red shade" this is perfect for ladies who adore red shades. I am so partial to berry and pink shades but upon the sight of this shade I was ecstatic and figuratively drooling to try it!

UPON APPLICATION: Very lightweight and with a satin finish, London Fog definitely was impressive! With just one sweep it gives full coverage and very pigmented as well. Of course, it really helps when you put on lip pencil first, to ensure a very smooth and fine finish on the lips. Non-drying and definitely long-lasting, too! After putting it on, I have since then eaten lunch and had at least 2 cups of coffee but my oh my, it's still there! Not entirely kiss-proof and it can leave smudges on your coffee cup but it's so excusable really! 

THE VERDICT: Long-wearing, non-drying and a very gorgeous shade! I can't ask for more, London Fog really completes your day. This shade best complements career wardrobes but can also complete your night-out dress/ensemble and best of all, it reinforces the chic vibe in you! So, WHY WAIT FOR TOMORROW, WHEN YOU CAN GET IT NOW! Avail Colourpop Ultra Satin London Fog via The Vanity Belle on Facebook.

Here's a  BIG LIP-SMACKIN' KISS to you, my dearies!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Coffee and Me!!

I  am writing this to confess something. Yes, I have to confess it and I am so guilty of it.  I'D LIKE TO CONFESS THAT I'M A COFFEE ADDICT! You heard it right,  a coffee addict. I am saying this now, with pure conviction, I  cannot thrive without coffee in sight! This may prove insane for some but I know, that somewhere out there, someone understands me, someone who has the same addiction. For some reason,  I cannot kick off the habit,  hard as I try. Or maybe, I am not trying real hard, after all! ( haha!) 

So, fine, I am a coffee addict but am I glad I am one! Genuinely and truly glad! It's because I stumbled upon some articles that point out to one thing: drinking coffee has so many benefits! And I really thought I am putting myself to waste. Here are just some of the good things I read from Authority Nutrition  about this very potent concoction called coffee!

  • Coffee is the biggest source of anti-oxidants!
  • Coffee drinkers have a lower risk on some types of cancer. 
  • It can help lower the risk of Parkinsons, Alzheimers, diabetes II and dementia.
  • It can aid you in fighting depression and drinkers tend to be happier.
  • It boosts energy levels and makes a person smarter.
These and more attest to the fact that coffee has a positive effect in anyone. And oh, how it really made me smile! So now I know,  I will never give up on this coffee-drinking habit. How about you, are you into coffee? If so, then let's drink to that!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Philipine Cinema: A Time to Celebrate, A Time to Mourn

While everyone is still experiencing a one-of-a-kind high for the recent accolades brought by Filipino directors and filmmakers, at the same time, Pinoys can't help but mourn for the untimely loss of famous local director Wenn Deramas .

The past week has brought about triumphs and recognition for Filipino talent, which has been recognized globally. First, it was Lav Diaz  at the Berlin Film Festival, who won the Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Award for his 9-hour epic "Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis" (A Lullaby for the Sorrowful Mystery). It created quite a stir amongst international film viewers and critics alike.  Then comes Oscar Academy Awards of the USA which happened amidst a flurry of anticipated winners like Leonardo di Caprio. Again,Filipino talent shone during that night with the unanimous win of the animated film "Inside Out". The co-director of this flick is a Filipino, Ronnie del Carmen . All these make us all proud to be Filipino and there is a reason to celebrate the triumphs of these creative geniuses. 

Alas, while everyone is hyped up with their success the entire filmlandia and film buffs all over the country are in dismal spirits. Just yesterday, Feb. 29, Philippine cinema lost one of its recognized young movers of the local film industry. Direk Wenn Deramas (full name: Edwin Villanes Deramas) succumbed to cardiac arrest at around 6 am. Friends and relatives in and around showbiz expressed their shock and disbelief for his untimely demise. Deramas started his career as writer and later as director for television series and ultimately, films, of which, most of them went on to become box-office hits. Actors and actresses paid homage and all were deeply saddened. He will always be remembered for the comedy films that he directed and which left their mark etched forever in Philippine cinema. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I can't imagine that it's been ages since I've last updated my blog! phew!!  But thank goodness, here I am, again, I''ve arrived. It was one really long hiatus but am I so glad to be blogging, again!  

Today's the 29th of December, 2015 and just two days from now and it would be HELLO 2016! Ah, so much to look back on during the past months!!  It was one great ride I'd say, not too bumpy,not too smooth either! The year 2016 will surely be a new beginning for me, career-wise, but  I am hopeful that everything will work out just fine. Let me share some milestones of my 2015!! Here goes:

I reached my first year of tenure with the company I work for now.  I  made a lot of good friends when I joined the company and I will forever treasure their friendship!!

 I also got a chance to visit the Island of Bohol along with my team mates, thanks to our bosses! 

Sadly though,  I will be ending my contract on the 15th of  January as SEO writer but I am hopeful (crossed fingers) that I can still be considered in other departments. If not, then life goes on and I am sure I can still find other opportunities in this wide, wide world of freelancing! :)

On the family front,  my son completed his elementary/ intermediate level of education last March 2015. And at this time  he is a Grade 7 student at MCPI. 

Other than that, we're just one simple and happy family, who enjoy simple pleasures in life so long as we do things and activities together!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!! Wishing you all the best in life!! Expect more rants from me in the coming days!! Yahoo!!!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I recently had  the unique experience of availing the service of an online flower delivery website. Honestly, I had  great qualms if I had to go for it but I had no choice actually as the receiver of the flowers with accompanying gifts is located in Cavite while I am here in Davao. I  was doing it for a friend who specially requested for it because it's their anniversary and the receiver is his beloved girlfriend. 

I immediately went down to the task of consulting Mr. Google regarding online flower delivery sites in and around the country. There was one site that immediately caught my attention because of the elaborate flower arrangements and the rates were affordable enough. However, when it was time for me to book the order and I inquired about the bank details something in my inner self told me to go slow and think for a minute. I sensed that something was simply wrong and before I can eventually send the money I went back to Mr. Google and asked around for legitimate flower delivery sites in the Philippines. This led me to and I immediately checked their Facebook account to know more about their site.

I registered for an account and  chatted up with an online customer representative to assist me on the process of booking my order. I was so glad to know that the person I was chatting with was very sincere and attentive to details. When I asked them in Filipino they also responded using the local language which made me comfortable because at least I got the notion that I was chatting with a real person and not just to a recording or a machine. After I have confirmed my order they promptly sent me an email message and gave instructions on payment schemes. I chose to pay through Western Union and after I sent them the scanned receipt via email I  was advised promptly that my order is due for process already. 

When the receiver finally got hold of the flowers and gifts I was very happy and there was this very great feeling to have been an instrument in making someone's day a very memorable one. Of course, it wouldn't have been possible without the efficient and timely service of  Philflora! 

Folks, Valentines Day is just around the corner and if you intend to send flowers and gifts to a loved one who's in Luzon or Visayas or anywhere in the world then why not try Philflora? It's a legitimate flower delivery site that will cater to your flower delivery needs at reasonable costs. 

Happy Valentines Day to all!!

P.S. This is not a paid post but my own, unadulterated opinion! :)