Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Wish List For The Coming Year!

Just a few more days and it would be goodbye 2010, hello 2011! How time indeed flies so fast! Wasn't it just days ago that we're all at a fuss to meet the new year? Ah, but it was indeed a great roller coaster ride of a year. There were ups and downs, triumphs and sorrows.The year ushered in blessings but it also meant losing some dear old friends and relatives. The family members are all in good health although there were months when the kids would end up in the hospital.But nevertheless, the year 2010 was not a bumpy ride for us, to a certain degree. And I thank God for that.

I've prepared a wish list in here that I hope to fulfill this year, in this year of the metallic rabbit. While it may still be too early to make assumptions, 2011 will hopefully be a year of creative pursuits and prosperity judging from the characteristics of this very fuzzy,lovable animal.

My Not So Unusual Wish List:
1) To Pursue Money-making activities

2) To Learn To Play The Guitar (again!)

3) To Devote Myself To a fitness program (and learn belly dancing!grah!)

4) To Be More Spiritually Aware

Hopefully I will be able to make concrete steps to make these a reality and not just mere wishes! huhuhu!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Meet Me On Monday!

Happy New Year Everyone!What a great way to meet the New Year, by getting to know fellow bloggers from all over the globe! Here's my share for this week's MMOM!
1. What are your New Year's Eve plans?
We will have an early dinner at my mom's place and then head back home just before the clock strikes 12 midnight! This is because it's our family tradition to be at home by midnight and open all the doors and windows! Aside from that, we make all kinds of noises such as fireworks,firecrackers,blow horns and toss coins at the front door! Whew, talk about rituals for goodluck!!

2. How tall are you?
I'm just about 5 feet and 2 inches, really petite!
3. What is your favorite pudding flavor?
Choco pudding for me!!

4. What room of the house do you blog the most in?
It would be at the receiving room. Hopefully, if I get to have my own laptop I can do blogging anywhere even at coffee shops!

5. What is your best physical feature?
Wooh,this is kinda hard! haha!But I guess it would be my eyes, since I get a compliment or two everytime, especially with eyeshadow on since it highlights my eye color!
Well, that's it my friends! How bout u!Would be glad to hear from you,too! Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Meet Me On Monday!!!

Hey there lovely people!MERRY,MERRY X'MAS!It's kinda late, today being a Wednesday already but hope I can still join in the fun of this week's Meet Me On Monday discussion and topics.Here's my share,too!

1. What will your Christmas dinner consist of?
It has been family tradition for us to have Spaghetti (Filipino style) and Fruit Salad on the table for our Christmas dinner or Noche Buena as we locally call it here. This year we will also have moderate servings of ham and fried chicken, few loaves of bread, some fruits preferrably apples and yes, biko and suman, which are Filipino kakanin or delicacies.

2. Do you watch commercials or flip through the channels?
I watch commercials as I don't have any choice!Haha! But anyways, commercials is a genre all its own, mirrors the values and virtues of a nation and can have underlying messages that aim to educate and inform people.

3. How long will you leave your Christmas decorations up?
We usually leave the decorations up until the first week of January just before the Feast of the 3 Kings which usually falls on the first Sunday of January. The Christmas Season is definitely one of the looongest celebration here in the Philippines!
4. What movie makes you cry every time you watch it?
I easily cry when I watch romance flicks with a rich dose of drama and conflict. So far two flicks that come to mind are the following: Bridges of Madison County and Serendipity. I cried maybe a bucketful of tears back when I first watched these flicks! Everytime I have the time to watch it these days it's still the same though, lotsa tears! :)

5. Do you have a Facebook?
Yes, I do! Add me up at FB,okay!! ha,ha!

Well,well! That's about it,hope you liked my share for this week's MMOM! Till next week, have a great day everyone!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

GT- De-stress Zone!

Hi there,everyone! Another great week here at GT! This week's topic is our perfect little place to de-stress. Hmm, this is really astounding.

For me, the best place to de-stress would be the Laundry Area. This is where I do my LABADA more or less thrice a week! This may seem out of the ordinary but doing the laundry is one task that chills me out and de-stress my being! The endless pagkukusot somehow calms me and gives me the luxury of time to think of countless things how mundane it may be. Even if washing clothes require a lot of effort and could put you to a lot of physical strain I don't really mind at all. Somehow the water cools me down and the soft humming sound of the washing machine is a fitting companion for the daydreaming labandera in me!

So, what about you! It would be great to know about your de-stress zone,too! Wishing you all a very,Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Another great week here at GT! Am a bit late in posting my entry but hope makakahabol pa rin,haha!

One favorite place my hubby and I would often visit is the People's Park In The Sky! This is located in Tagaytay City and it's referred as a great vantage point where you can see almost all of Cavite,Laguna,Batangas.

With temperatures that can drop to as low as 20-22 degrees Centigrade it's a great place to just cuddle up,enjoy the views and marvel at Nature!We usually hitch a ride going to the top of the park but when it's time to go home we usually take a hike down its winding trails until we reach the main road where most of the jeepneys would be waiting.

It's one of the most unforgettable places for me as we always visit it especially when we were still living in Cavite. But now that we're back here in Davao I am looking forward to that time when my hubby and I can visit the place again!! Well, maybe in a year or so!!

Here's a family pic taken at People's Park with our 2 kids in tow.Brought them there to let them experience the place,too!!

Well there my friends,hope I've shared something useful in here. How bout u!Would love to find out about your favorite hang-out places!! Till next week, Merry,Merry X'mas Everyone!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meet Me On Monday!!

Hey there my friends!It's Monday once again! Here are my answers for this week's meme hosted by pretty Java...pls do read on!!

1. What is your favorite kind of cheese?

My favorite kind of cheese is definitely cheddar! I even gobble it, even without bread on! haha! mousy me!
2. What size is your bed?

It's a double sized bed just right for me and my hubby!But oftentimes it can become a foursome bed! With the 2 kids trying to squeeze in!
3. What is your most overused phrase?

Hmm, I think it is BUANG!( Cebuano word which means,"crazy"!!!) wahaha!
4. Green or purple grapes?

Purple grapes!! I just love them!
5. Shower, morning or night?

I definitely shower in the morning! But sometimes I can't help but shower again at night especially during really warm weather. A quick shower refreshes and energizes!!

HOW BOUT U MY FRIENDS!!It sure is fun to know a little more about yourselves! Till next monday!! :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I know I'm not that picky when it comes to eating out.The truth is, I'm a real Chowking fanatic! So, my share today would be about this foodchain. They really serve really good Chinese recipes. My kids' favorite is the Wanton Noodles!

The sweet and sour pork is also very heavenly especially when it's still piping hot!

To top it all I will never get tired of eating the renowned Chowking Halo-halo! Especially on hot,summer days!

Well,well I really feel so full already just by staring at these pics!Till next week lovely people,gotta grab a bite for now at my favorite eat-out place! wohoo!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Beautiful Monday To All! Another great way to start our Monday,by taking part in memes like this! Here's my share of answers for this week's questions.

1. What is your favorite way to eat chicken?

My favorite way to eat chicken is when it's cooked adobo style! It's a no-fuss chicken recipe that gets yummier when it's a day older, of course when oven-heated or through the microwave!
2. Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

Yes! We've already put up the X'mas tree, a hand-me-down courtesy of my mother! haha!
3. What is your favorite article of clothing?

I think it would be my sleeveless cotton tops I use at home, especially coz we have a tropical weather almost all year round! And yes, flipflops,too!

4. Do you pay your bills online or write checks the old way?

It would be great to pay bills online.Unfortunately,not all of our bills are paid online as of the moment!
5. Do you make Christmas cookies?

NO!I am not into baking, well not yet! haha! But my sister makes really great cakes and pastries!

There you go,hope I shared something interesting this week!How bout you? Would love to read bout your answers,too! Till next Monday!!

EXERCISE: A Great Depression Buster!!

Almost everyone of us experience depression to a certain degree at a certain phase in our lives. It could be just a mild manifestation yet it could sometimes become full-blast and can leave you so drained for days.But we don't have to wallow in it, no, we shouldn't allow that! Because there's so many worthwhile things we can busy ourselves with that is a lot more meaningful rather than allowing ourselves to be engulfed with feelings of depression.

A surefire way to beat depression? Exercise! Yes,you heard it right!Any form of physical exercise is a great depression buster.It doesn't really have to be hard-core gym workout or pumping iron but it could be as simple as dancing, biking, hiking and jogging. For a housewife like me who doesn't have the luxury of time to really take formal lessons in taebo or aerobics I have to make do with what resources are available for me. Dancing is superb while I wipe the floor and windows! Of course it is best enjoyed with dance and hiphop music or any danceable tune on the radio.When you become energized because of physical exercise your state of being improves and you end up feeling better. Somehow this lifts the clouds of depression off yourself allowing you to have a happy,positive state of mind. Aside from that you become more physically fit in the process which is a big bonus indeed!

So, the next time you start feeling low and melancholic,ask yourself!Do you really wanna wallow in it and allow it to get the better of you? Or do you want to take charge of yourself and stay positive and happy despite the odds and problems? Remember,LIFE is beautiful, we shouldn't waste every moment of it!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

GT - What We Love Most!!

Happy Thursday to you all,beautiful blogger friends!It is always a delight to take part in GT discussions. This week's topic is about what we,ladies love most! And that, understandably is shopping for accessories and clothes.

I am not the shopping type and I do not have the luxury of time to go mall-hopping these days,simply because almost all of my time is tied between domestic responsibilities and taking care of my kids and hubby! I don't have any household help, a one-woman army so I guess I just have to accept the fact,for now.

But since I have long been a member of well-known beauty and wellness one-stop shops such as AVON and PERSONAL COLLECTION, I rely heavily on it in securing my must-have essentials which are lipstick and other make-up essentials, fragrances (especially colognes) and home essentials.

Accessories,ah! Who doesn't adore them!I have acquired at least a number of Avon Fashion's silver pieces since they are affordable and can last long given the right care and attention.

For clothes I check out chic and wearable pieces from Natasha,MSE and Boardwalk since I have easy access to dealers and am a member myself. But though buying clothes from these companies are much more convenient nothing beats that delightful feeling of shopping in malls yourself, since you can fit,compare and choose your wardrobe right there and then.

WELL!!I think that's about it my friends! See you around again next week for another round of GT! KUDOS TO BEAUTY QUEEN GENE!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

GT- Housewares /Home Section

Oh ow,am I so late! But hope I can make "habol" my entry pa for this week's GT!!

What I love to shop and look for in the Home Section are mugs,mugs,mugs!I love to collect them regardless of size,color and design. What endears me more to it is because of the very fact that I am a coffee drinker to the highest level and a really good round of coffee is enjoyed best when it's inside a really pretty,dainty mug! whew!

I also love melamine plates. Lightweight and dainty, they are a sight to behold. However, unlike the Tupperware brand the ordinary melamine plates really look shabby easily.

I guess that's about it, my friends! Hope to see you all around next week for our next topic. Kudos to Beauty Queen Gene for hosting Girls' Talk!
(P.S. The above photos are not mine,it's culled from the net.)