Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Perennial Dilemma

Being a housewife is not all fun and laughter!
You have to deal with tons of grime, dust, molds and what have you!
One thing I always hate doing is house cleaning, wiping dust here and there, wiping floors, cleaning the furniture and most of all cleaning the sink and bathroom tiles!

Wooh, I can really say, for countless times I was about to raise a white flag of surrender on mid-air!! BUT THERE'S THIS REALLY ONE GREAT PRODUCT THAT IS TRULY,TRULY AMAZING!! The TUFF toilet bowl cleaner by Personal Collection! It's really multi-purpose, from kitchen sink tiles to bathroom tiles, from toilet bowls to plastic wares and ceramics, wooh, it cleans them all!It zaps off grime,molds and mildew and best of all, it whitens,too!! And was I even surprised to discover that it can whiten clothes too! I guess it shouldn't be called a toilet bowl cleaner after all, but a multi-purpose cleaner.

For a housewife like me, the product sure is one big help and for that I am eternally grateful! Believe me, this is one product every housewife should have because it's like having a one woman army!! Woohooo!!

Contact me for further inquiries, I'm a certified personal collections lady too!!(yeah, talk about advertising hehehe!!)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Handling Children

It's no walk in the park raising kids, much more when they are both boys!! I don't actually believe what old folks say but I think I have to resign myself to the fact that girls are easier to handle than boys!

For one,I can look back to my own childhood and with all honesty, I can say that my mother didn't had a hard time raising me and my sister, simply because as girls we weren't the type who suddenly becomes invisible at home, who struts off to nowhereland with friends and who were rambunctious, rowdy, hyperactives and all. Simply because we were ordinary girls as opposed to boys who just can't stay put in one place! My kids who are now ages 7 and 5, respectively, are no exception to that. There are times when the house is one great mess and I can't seem to withstand the stress anymore. There are times when the two of them are at odds and it's like WORLD WAR 3 is about to explode any minute but thank heavens, any signs of it are easily aborted with a little help from distractions like a stroll to grandma's house or allowing them to watch their favorite cartoons on dvd.

There are also times when I feel like I am subjected to an interrogation and I am placed into some kind of imaginary microscope. Oh, those endless proddings and questionings can sometimes drive me nuts!!! I am inches away to saying, PLEASE,ASK MR. GOOGLE OR LOOK IT UP AT YAHOO!

So you see, handling kids can really be an art. You have to master it and really be an expert at it, but really, nobody's perfect so it's always a blessing if a day passes with no major hurricane brimming between my two chaps. As a mother I know I am not exemplary enough but my maternal instincts will somehow guide me on how to handle them in a good way albeit not really in a great manner. Well, best of luck for me then!'s magic at galleries's magic at galleries

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Being a full-time mom leaves me with lots of spare time and it's during times like this that I turn to one of my passions which is reading. I usually go for fiction and even now still enjoys teen stuff such as Harry Potter books and paperbacks,not to mention,Precious Hearts Romances Tagalog paperbacks!!whew! I was not actually keen on reading business books and magazines but my husband introduced me to this really wonderful magazine,ENTREPRENEUR. Well, it really blew my mind!Because it featured not only instructional materials on how to start your own business but it also featured success stories of Filipino entrepreneurs! You see, I was not really the enterprising type and that type of person who always spots business ideas given the worst scenario but this particular mag really sort of awakened a dormant desire in me. Since then, both me and my hubby are hooked to it and at times when we cannot secure the latest editions we contentedly settle for back issues, from as far back as their 2008 issues and yet one can still learn a few fresh lessons from it! This is one sure read I highly recommend to you my friends!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello World!

Hello World, hello everyone! I've created this blog, with the help of a my good friend Daisy and though I really have no specific purpose as of the moment I do know one thing, to have a particular niche on the net where I can be me,simply me and where I can express myself more fully. This blog will hopefully mirror the real me and will allow me to share snippets of my own thoughts and opinions on just about anything, from babies,to housework to moneymaking ventures!

Being a fulltime housewife and mother can really be hard and I for one realized that it is really very stressful! But I haven't got regrets whatsoever because from Day 1 my hubby has been very supportive and understanding of me and though my kids can sometimes be a pain in the **** (haha!) At the end of the day I can always manage a smile and say THANK YOU LORD! for my family and for giving me a wonderful life!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Welcome Wham Buddies

Wahm Buddies is still under construction. This site was created to unleash creative ideas in mind, my daily rantings on my escapade as a Stay At Home Mom. I am just enjoying every bit being with my super duper kids and hubby!

I do appreciate link exchanges as this is my unique way to connect to all bloggers out there. I love to get in touch with you all.

For now, just follow this site and I'l link back to you..

Bloggers unite!