Thursday, July 22, 2010


Being a full-time mom leaves me with lots of spare time and it's during times like this that I turn to one of my passions which is reading. I usually go for fiction and even now still enjoys teen stuff such as Harry Potter books and paperbacks,not to mention,Precious Hearts Romances Tagalog paperbacks!!whew! I was not actually keen on reading business books and magazines but my husband introduced me to this really wonderful magazine,ENTREPRENEUR. Well, it really blew my mind!Because it featured not only instructional materials on how to start your own business but it also featured success stories of Filipino entrepreneurs! You see, I was not really the enterprising type and that type of person who always spots business ideas given the worst scenario but this particular mag really sort of awakened a dormant desire in me. Since then, both me and my hubby are hooked to it and at times when we cannot secure the latest editions we contentedly settle for back issues, from as far back as their 2008 issues and yet one can still learn a few fresh lessons from it! This is one sure read I highly recommend to you my friends!!


  1. Thanks for always visiting my site!
    That's fantastic! open your senses to the world of the unknown.. by just reading....keep on!
    Nice day!

  2. my friend you're my coach don't u know!haha!i'm in awe of what the unknown has to bring!!!