Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello World!

Hello World, hello everyone! I've created this blog, with the help of a my good friend Daisy and though I really have no specific purpose as of the moment I do know one thing, to have a particular niche on the net where I can be me,simply me and where I can express myself more fully. This blog will hopefully mirror the real me and will allow me to share snippets of my own thoughts and opinions on just about anything, from babies,to housework to moneymaking ventures!

Being a fulltime housewife and mother can really be hard and I for one realized that it is really very stressful! But I haven't got regrets whatsoever because from Day 1 my hubby has been very supportive and understanding of me and though my kids can sometimes be a pain in the **** (haha!) At the end of the day I can always manage a smile and say THANK YOU LORD! for my family and for giving me a wonderful life!!!

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