Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Perennial Dilemma

Being a housewife is not all fun and laughter!
You have to deal with tons of grime, dust, molds and what have you!
One thing I always hate doing is house cleaning, wiping dust here and there, wiping floors, cleaning the furniture and most of all cleaning the sink and bathroom tiles!

Wooh, I can really say, for countless times I was about to raise a white flag of surrender on mid-air!! BUT THERE'S THIS REALLY ONE GREAT PRODUCT THAT IS TRULY,TRULY AMAZING!! The TUFF toilet bowl cleaner by Personal Collection! It's really multi-purpose, from kitchen sink tiles to bathroom tiles, from toilet bowls to plastic wares and ceramics, wooh, it cleans them all!It zaps off grime,molds and mildew and best of all, it whitens,too!! And was I even surprised to discover that it can whiten clothes too! I guess it shouldn't be called a toilet bowl cleaner after all, but a multi-purpose cleaner.

For a housewife like me, the product sure is one big help and for that I am eternally grateful! Believe me, this is one product every housewife should have because it's like having a one woman army!! Woohooo!!

Contact me for further inquiries, I'm a certified personal collections lady too!!(yeah, talk about advertising hehehe!!)

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  1. Hi Shawie Girl,
    Is delivery charge for free?
    I salute you for being a mom full of WONDERS!