Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Affair with Lipstick!!

I have been using lipstick since Day 1 of my career life way, way back and I cannot imagine, for the life of me, what it would be without lipstick! For one, it's like the spice in a recipe and the perfect, final touch so to say!

I always truly, honestly feel that I am incomplete without it.(sigh). It's like I always seem ready to face a new day when I have some lipstick on! It's not so much with the eyeshadows and blush, I can always do without them, thank you, but with a little help from the trustworthy pressed powder, the lipstick actually delivers! Like adding the needed OOMPH! To complete one's total look, be it casual,corporate,sporty, what have you!

Of course, one has to seriously take to consideration her skin tone, as it is detrimental in the choice of lipcolor. It can make or break you and your total look that you want to convey and may prevent you from achieving that perfect little pout! My personal favorite since way back when is and always will be the AVON line of lipsticks, especially the Avon Ultra Moisture collection. I go for the cherry and rose shades, have tried the peach shade but try to stay away from daring red and ultra red shades,simply because I am morena and brown-skinned. Recently I tried the 24K gold lipstick by Avon,the golden wine shade and I just simply adore it!

There seems to be glitters infused on the lipstick so that when the face and lips are illuminated one can see a glimpse of these gold glitters! Of course, a lipstick's beauty can be maximized with the help of lip gloss and lip liner. It will help define the lipstick in one's lips and in a way will help it to stay longer. Another trick is to dab on a little pressed powder on lips before applying your favorite lipstick, so that the lipcolor will hopefully stay put, for at least number of hours. But then again, we can always have a retouch anytime, anywhere!

Us, women always love to enhance our features and look presentable. Why, we're not trimming eyebrows and puckering up for nothing! It's like, by putting on these face essentials, we sort of affirm our individuality, our uniqueness, our own brand of beauty! haha! So much for that, let me share my latest must-try list of lipstick and would be glad to know what's in your list too!!

My Must-Try List (sponsors,anyone!haha!)
1) Revlon Lipcolors
2) Maybelline Watershine lipstick
3) Avon's newest lipcolor,the mega lipstick

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