Sunday, August 29, 2010

Remember Me (the movie)

I have long been planning to write something about this movie but I only got the time today. It's quite unfortunate that most people just noticed this film because Rob Pattinson was a part of the cast. I can candidly say that this is way much better than his Twilight sequels and his acting prowess was showcased well in this film as well.

"Remember Me" is a flick set in New York during summer of 2001, a romantic drama that centers on a rebellious young man (Tyler/Rob Pattinson)whose family has experienced a family tragedy. When he met Ally (Caitlyn Rund)her spirit helped him heal and in a way changed his perspective of life.

Previous trailers for this film,I think,did not actually reflect the essence of the over-all movie because sincerely, the scenes were poignant, simply executed but the message well-driven.Credits should be accorded to the director,Allen Coulter and the writer, Will Fetters, for this memorable movie which, during the end has a major surprise in store. Of course,I have to say, the entire cast did justice in their performances.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Pierce Brosnan in here,as the distant,domineering father of Tyler since he is usually known in the action-adventure genre and famous for his Mr. Bond sequels.Their confrontation scenes fascinated me and Pattinson did supreme justice with his performance.

For those who were not able to view this flick,I suggest that you go and watch this and decide for yourself! Personally,I decided to watch this thru DVD because I wanted to find out if Rob Pattinson can actually go beyond his vampire persona in the Twilight flicks. Those eyes beckoned me to delve more on his acting credits and voila, what i found was simply reassuring! He can act! And not just another teen idol made famous by trends of the time.

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  1. Hope to watch this film too Sha! If I have the time I'll personally check on dvd & if not, I'll gonna try to watch this online! tc!