Monday, August 30, 2010

Safeguarding kids from unsupervised internet use

While our Ms. Philippines Venus Raj is now globally famous for her major,major answer to the question and answer portion of the Ms. Universe 2010 pageant, I'd like to commend the night's winner,Ms. Mexico for her very specific and straight to the point answer. This is because, while we are now in the Information Age and the Internet Century so to say, there should be definite guidelines and rules to safeguard our children everytime they use the internet. I was very alarmed since my nephew,who's now ten years old, is quite an internet savvy kid who reguarly surfs the net not only because of the social networking fads but because it is a rich treasure trove of research materials and educational tools. The downpart of this is that, while we try our best to monitor his online activities we are not totally sure that he is protected from adult materials and obscene posts online.

Just like what Ms. Mexico said,the family is very important in guiding the youth towards the proper use of the internet. Very well said indeed!

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