Sunday, August 15, 2010

Singing the Blues Away!

Singing has always been my passion.Ever since I was a small gal I've always loved singing even if I don't actually know the lyrics of the song. I would mumble through the words but actually know the melody of the song by heart and it would always give me a satisfying,happy feeling everytime I get a few claps and words of appreciation from my family and relatives who would diligently listen to me. From elementary years and onwards to my growing up years it has always been a refuge for me and singing has helped me cope up with a battle of emotions and mood swings.A really sweet form of therapy,I will always thank the Lord for giving me this talent,this skill which can be a liberating experience actually. And what better way to thank Him for this talent than by sharing it to others! I always accommodate invitations to sing and I had the great opportunity to sing for weddings of friends and relatives as well as birthday parties and it would always be a lifetime joy for me. To date these have been one of the most enduring,favorite songs of mine that I really love and songs that I will always be singing even if it would take a lifetime:

1. LOVE ME FOR WHAT I AM - The Carpenters
2. RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS - The Carpenters
3. ONE HELLO - Randy Crawford


  1. wow! I also love to sing but singing doesn't love me back.. hehe!

  2. Singing is definitely a wonderful way to relax. I can't sing for nuts, but I do play the guitar and sing to the Lord. When I went down to Goa in Jan/Feb, we had a wonderful time singing was so much fun! :)

  3. Who could possibly forget those "vogue" old days @ ADDU? huh? You can rock the boat as you sing with so much passion my friend! You're one in a million. If I get the chance to see you again, I would love to hear you sing "One Hello"...that's how it starts, you might win in love but lose ur heart.....heheh