Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Time for another session with Girl's Talk hosted by Beauty Queen Gene! This is actually my first time to join GT and I do hope what I post in here is acceptable enough for everyone.

This would be my entry for the GT!Presenting...lemongrass!In all its glory and green-ness!

The Lemongrass or locally known in the Philippines as Tanglad, with scientific name Andropogon Citratus DC is commonly found in almost all parts of the country. I am, for one, very fond of this particular plant because it has been a big help with my husband's hypertension. Yes, you're right, hypertension, my husband,who's just in his mid-30's already has it. I think it runs in their family and I was at first kinda horrified to know his BP can reach to 150/100 and even higher than that! Since his college days he has already noticed how erratic his BP is and the most common symptoms according to him would be untolerable headache for hours. But thanks to lemongrass, his BP normalizes in less than an hour after intake of the trustworthy lemongrass in tea form!

I discovered it also has anti-bacterial ingredients and can help heal wounds and helps greatly in blood circulation,reduces the level of uric acid and helps detoxify toxins. While we normally use it as food flavoring it can also become an aromatic and calming addition to a lukewarm bath, this I've proven first hand.The calming effect of its scent is very relaxing and I often add the leaves to my bath especially if I have just recovered from flu and fever.It also helps relieve stress and insomnia, all it takes is one cup-ful of tanglad tea concoction!

So, there you have it my friends!I hope I shared some useful info in here! While lemongrass may be oftentimes taken for granted, let us remember that it does have a lot of medicinal and therapeutic advantages. And to think it's almost always unnoticed in our backyards!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

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My Dear Panabo!

I always have this fondness for my hometown. Not because of the fact that I grew up here or that most of my relatives are also in this place. But no, I always felt like it was the place I was always destined to be. I have been to various places here and there, stayed in a number of cities and yes, experienced living in metropolitan Manila but always there is this unspeakable force that always bids me to come home. And home for me is Panabo.

Simple,unassuming,productive and progressive. I think I can sum up the place in these words. Although it has just been a couple of years since it metamorphosed into a full-pledged city,this place is teeming with interesting things,people and ideas. As a place very near Davao City, a focal place in the Mindanao island of the Philippines, Panabo is surprisingly very accessible to travellers, both just passing by or briefly staying, to enjoy a day or two to absorb the local culture.

A melting pot of various ethnicities and minority groups,it is widely known as a place teeming with banana plantations most especially the notable Floirendo Group's TADECO although Panabo is now becoming more industrialized and commercialized, with the visible coming of business giants such as Jollibee Foods,Gaisano Mall,to name a few.Indeed, the place,my dear Panabo, is coming of age, ripening to its fullest potential and yet, has so much more to offer for everyone.

Each morning,each day here is heaven for me. And while I do dream of visiting exotic places all around the globe I will always,always look back to my place with sheer joy and deep emotions. For truly, there's no place like home...

Kudos To Survey Junkie!

Survey Junkie

My sincere kudos and warm thank you's to Survey Junkie for featuring my blog! It is indeed a rare chance to be featured as part of the Getting To Know You Post Series of her blog and I am sincerely honored and really,really glad!

My dear friends do check out her site, it's a cool haven of info and give-aways and a great venue to meet new friends from all over the world!

Again, my sincerest Thank You's and glad to be part of the blogosphere! Where we get to learn not only of new things and more wisdom but it also gives us a chance to meet and keep friends!!

Monday, September 6, 2010


I am so excited coz this is my first attempt to join MEET ME ON MONDAY! whew!so here goes my share of answers!

1. Do you wear socks to bed? NO!living in a tropical and humid region of the Philippines makes it really hard to wear socks to bed! lol! but of course, it would be great to wear them if there's airconditioning on!

2.Do you have any pets? At this time,I don't have pets especially because the doctor recently told me to avoid them because my sons tend to develop mild asthma so easily! but frankly, i adore dogs, especially the furry,fluffy ones!!

3.What toppings do you like on your pizza? GEEZ, I LOVE PINEAPPLES! So it would be hawaiian delight for me!lol! I once worked for Shakey's Davao and judging from the variety of toppings I think I'd settle with pepperoni and ham,too!lots of it!


4. What time do you go to bed? I normally doze off at 10pm but sometimes earlier, especially if I'm really tired!!!


5. Would you rather get free chocolate for 1 year or free potatoes forever? GEEZ,THIS IS KINDA TOUGH! i do love chocolate but over indulgence could mean danger especially to my health so i guess I'd settle for a lifetime of potatoes!lol!

So,how bout you our friends? Would love to hear your thoughts and link in here nevergrowingold so we can all get together and know each other more!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First blog awards!


Wow!this is heaven!As a newbie in the world of blogging, it's an honor to be part of this!thanks to pinay expat, u made this possible!

My fave blogs would be!!drumroll please!!


7 things about myself!!

1. I love to sing! definitely!although i don't sing professionally,friends and family attest that, i can sing alright!
2. I love anything mocca flavored!from ice cream flavor,to coffee,to cake icing! i might even try mocca-flavored medicine,if there's one!lol!
3. I love my family, well that's given! my hubby and kids are my top priorities in life.
4. I am a frustrated media practitioner, frustrated because i never really got to practice what i've learned back at the university by embarking on a media career!
5. I am kinda, well sort of, nah! really,really conscious of my nose! but nose lift surgery for me is a mortal sin! (oh gosh,now i've said it!)
6. I am not the cooking type of person, oh my husband can clearly attest to this! he's the chief cook i'm the all-around assistant, in the kitchen!!
7. I do not have the riches in this world but i have a loving family and supportive friends! i think, happiness is very important in our life and that it should come from within!!