Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Time for another session with Girl's Talk hosted by Beauty Queen Gene! This is actually my first time to join GT and I do hope what I post in here is acceptable enough for everyone.

This would be my entry for the GT!Presenting...lemongrass!In all its glory and green-ness!

The Lemongrass or locally known in the Philippines as Tanglad, with scientific name Andropogon Citratus DC is commonly found in almost all parts of the country. I am, for one, very fond of this particular plant because it has been a big help with my husband's hypertension. Yes, you're right, hypertension, my husband,who's just in his mid-30's already has it. I think it runs in their family and I was at first kinda horrified to know his BP can reach to 150/100 and even higher than that! Since his college days he has already noticed how erratic his BP is and the most common symptoms according to him would be untolerable headache for hours. But thanks to lemongrass, his BP normalizes in less than an hour after intake of the trustworthy lemongrass in tea form!

I discovered it also has anti-bacterial ingredients and can help heal wounds and helps greatly in blood circulation,reduces the level of uric acid and helps detoxify toxins. While we normally use it as food flavoring it can also become an aromatic and calming addition to a lukewarm bath, this I've proven first hand.The calming effect of its scent is very relaxing and I often add the leaves to my bath especially if I have just recovered from flu and fever.It also helps relieve stress and insomnia, all it takes is one cup-ful of tanglad tea concoction!

So, there you have it my friends!I hope I shared some useful info in here! While lemongrass may be oftentimes taken for granted, let us remember that it does have a lot of medicinal and therapeutic advantages. And to think it's almost always unnoticed in our backyards!!


  1. wow!!! very educational naman ito sis complete with scientific name pah!!! hihihi

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  5. naks! very informative post, i'll inform my hubby about this instead of taking HB pill daily. Shawie dear welcome to GT as always, I'm always excited to see you posting everyday! love to read your posts!
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