Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Dear Panabo!

I always have this fondness for my hometown. Not because of the fact that I grew up here or that most of my relatives are also in this place. But no, I always felt like it was the place I was always destined to be. I have been to various places here and there, stayed in a number of cities and yes, experienced living in metropolitan Manila but always there is this unspeakable force that always bids me to come home. And home for me is Panabo.

Simple,unassuming,productive and progressive. I think I can sum up the place in these words. Although it has just been a couple of years since it metamorphosed into a full-pledged city,this place is teeming with interesting things,people and ideas. As a place very near Davao City, a focal place in the Mindanao island of the Philippines, Panabo is surprisingly very accessible to travellers, both just passing by or briefly staying, to enjoy a day or two to absorb the local culture.

A melting pot of various ethnicities and minority groups,it is widely known as a place teeming with banana plantations most especially the notable Floirendo Group's TADECO although Panabo is now becoming more industrialized and commercialized, with the visible coming of business giants such as Jollibee Foods,Gaisano Mall,to name a few.Indeed, the place,my dear Panabo, is coming of age, ripening to its fullest potential and yet, has so much more to offer for everyone.

Each morning,each day here is heaven for me. And while I do dream of visiting exotic places all around the globe I will always,always look back to my place with sheer joy and deep emotions. For truly, there's no place like home...

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