Friday, October 1, 2010

A Second Home (Sort Of)

Oh geez!We just got home after a few days' stay in the hospital!This is the third time in a row this year that we stayed there because of the kids's illnesses. First, it was my eldest son and his bout with pneumonia,then last month it was both of my sons who both suffered from severe mouth sores and just last Sunday my youngest son was rushed to the hospital because of a viral infection and pneumonia! Oh no,what am I gonna do about this! But truly, bringing the kids there is the best option since prompt treatment is administered and a patient is closely monitored at all times.Of course,there's the advantage of having company-covered accounts and hospital benefits,thanks to my husband's employer.

Suffice to say, the institution we stayed on is one of the best here in Davao and probably among the best in Philippine hospitals. We've been in and out of it for a number of years now and the staff always deliver great service. Of course, there would always be a few hitches, such as an inattentive nurse every now and then, problems with the water pipes in the bathroom and worse, loss of cable connection! Nonetheless, I'd say, our stay was always worth those troubles.And I somehow feel a sort of attachment to the place. Like a second home, to say the least!

We always wish for the best for our family, especially good health. Yes, that's given. But at times, when sickness strikes among family members there's always Davao Doctors Hospital to come home to.At least, for a few days, at most!!

P.S. Here's some of the things I've learned during our countless stay at the hospital:
1) Bring only necessary things such as clothes,utensils,toiletries.
2) Always secure your own beddings and bring extra pillows.
3) Tag along a few copies of magazines and newspapers. I cannot compete with the cable TV which is always dominated by the kids!(their faves are Cartoon Network and Disney Channel!)
4) Be sure to bring along your own potable drinking water (mineral/distilled water) especially for the kids.
5) Don't forget your journal/diary!Some great,helpful even crazy ideas may suddenly engulf you while watching over your sick kid and jotting it all down will be worth something! (or so I think!ha,ha!)

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