Thursday, October 21, 2010

So, You Want To Sing?!!

The art of singing is a very dynamic way to express one's feelings and emotions. It is a God-given talent that, when harnessed and developed to its full potential could become a very essential tool that can convey a specific message to its listeners.

We have to admit it, we Pinoys love music and naturally, love to sing. The downpart is, not everybody has the ability to actually carry a tune. But that's no reason to wallow in misery, I tell you. You see, even some of the professional singers nowadays who enjoy record-breaking sales and hoard platinum awards did not actually started out as exemplary singers. They learned the ropes, made sacrifices and so on and so forth. So, consider this, if they were able to sing so brilliantly then surely we can, right?! Never mind if we can't actually get to join the professional league.

I'd like to share some tips on how you you can achieve your life-long dream, to sing,that is! These are based on my personal experiences and I stand corrected should there be any misleading facts and info. I am a self-taught singing woman,not a singer per se, because I think it only applies if one sings professionally! My early reminiscings of singing workshops and vocal trainings were those conducted when I was part of a choir way back in highschool and college. But I do hope I can still share some worthy views that could,hopefully, help you positively.

1) Practice,practice and practice! - If this applies to almost everything then surely it plays a pivotal role towards achieving that singing prowess you've always yearned for.

2) Pump up on breathing exercises - The simple inhale-exhale procedures would be great starters. Later, try to practice breathing more deeply and get used to drawing air right smack from your diaphragm area. By familiarizing yourself with this you will be able to hold your breath quite easily while singing and prolonging notes can easily be handled. You also tend to reach higher notes when you breathe more deeply before executing that particular part of the song.

3) Polish your diction and pronunciation of words- Of course, this is not highly applicable if singing Tagalog and Original Pilipino Music(OPM) songs but this is a MUST when you savor the idea of singing English songs. Your manner of speech and correct enunciation of words do matter when you are bent on mastering the art of singing.

An important note, you have to have that unmistakable ear for music. Of course this flows naturally for lovers of music and can be practiced and mastered. I sincerely believe it goes hand in hand with singing as well as in effectively playing various musical instruments such as the guitar and piano.

Opps, and the most important of all, Just GO AND STEP FORWARD! Gather your courage and strength and just SING THAT SONG!! It does not take a thespian to learn and master the art of singing after all!! It only takes an ARDENT DESIRE TO EXPRESS YOUR INNER SELF THROUGH SONG and the rest will naturally and effortlessly follow!!

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