Sunday, November 28, 2010

EXERCISE: A Great Depression Buster!!

Almost everyone of us experience depression to a certain degree at a certain phase in our lives. It could be just a mild manifestation yet it could sometimes become full-blast and can leave you so drained for days.But we don't have to wallow in it, no, we shouldn't allow that! Because there's so many worthwhile things we can busy ourselves with that is a lot more meaningful rather than allowing ourselves to be engulfed with feelings of depression.

A surefire way to beat depression? Exercise! Yes,you heard it right!Any form of physical exercise is a great depression buster.It doesn't really have to be hard-core gym workout or pumping iron but it could be as simple as dancing, biking, hiking and jogging. For a housewife like me who doesn't have the luxury of time to really take formal lessons in taebo or aerobics I have to make do with what resources are available for me. Dancing is superb while I wipe the floor and windows! Of course it is best enjoyed with dance and hiphop music or any danceable tune on the radio.When you become energized because of physical exercise your state of being improves and you end up feeling better. Somehow this lifts the clouds of depression off yourself allowing you to have a happy,positive state of mind. Aside from that you become more physically fit in the process which is a big bonus indeed!

So, the next time you start feeling low and melancholic,ask yourself!Do you really wanna wallow in it and allow it to get the better of you? Or do you want to take charge of yourself and stay positive and happy despite the odds and problems? Remember,LIFE is beautiful, we shouldn't waste every moment of it!

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  1. Hi, Sha! Just visiting...There's a memorial park near my place and that's where the husband and I do our "run in the park" in the afternoon. Definitely a good exercise.