Thursday, November 4, 2010

GT- Grocery Buddies!!

It's a whole new month for us!Whew,I can sense the cool winds of December already!And yet another whole new month here on GT!

What's on my grocery list!Hmm,lemme see!Since I am a full-time mother with 2 super naughty,makulit boys the top items in my grocery list are always food! Food not only for the 3 full meals of each day of our lives, but food for the boys! Since they are now on regular school I always don't forget to shop for Frootees Biscuits and Cookie chips( their latest faves) as well as dozens of Yakult and Chocolait. These make up their daily baon to school and while watching dvd's on weekends.

Of course,since I am a certified coffee addict(ha,ha!)I never forget to toss in Nescafe 3 in 1 coffee to the grocery basket.My husband also loves oatmeal so Mr. Quaker Oats is always a must in my list. Aside from these are the usual condiments like Datu Puti Soy Sauce and Vinegar as well as UFC catsup.I also try to buy Kikkoman soy sauce every now and then simply because it's a pampagana or appetizer especially if we're serving fried fish or sinugbang isda(grilled fish).

Most importantly I always include to buy Ariel With Downy, Surf Detergent Powder and Joy Dishwashing Liquid. These are my loyal alalays in doing my chores at home! Like it or not, I have to embrace my worthwhile mission in life and that is to manage a household! Opps, and most importantly, I always see to it that I buy BAYGON electric mat refill, to keep the mosquitoes away. This is to ensure that my boys sleep soundly all through the night without any worry of mosquito bites! And yap, not to forget Colgate Toothpaste and Hapee Toothpaste for the Kids!

So there, my friends! Hope this was kinda enlightening and didn't bore you at the very least! ha,ha! Till next issue, wishing you all the best!!


  1. hi sha thanks for the visit. It's always nice to do shopping with kids. You've got a cool list to keep your household as convenient as possible... I just started my coolest kg teacher job and still waiting for documents to be processed. take care!

  2. grocery shopping w/ kids in tow e tlg mapupuno ng foods nila ang cart, tapos tayo pa din ang tagabitbit, yay!
    masayang mahirap din ang paggogrocery:)

  3. I also go for Ariel. That way I don't have to do a lot of rubbing hands with the laundry.

  4. Hi, Sha(wie Girl). Thank you for dropping good lines for me. I will check your blog often too. I have grabbed your badge too and added it to my list of Blog Of Friends. Thanks a ton and God bless my friend!