Thursday, November 11, 2010

GT - Health and Beauty Top Picks!!

Yey!I always get a natural high each time I join memes and swap comments with fellow bloggers! There is always a unique camaraderie and it gives me a precious chance to meet and keep new friends in blogosphere.

This week's topic, "What do you usually put on your grocery basket from the Health and Beauty Section?!!" OHLALA!This is one reason why I always look forward to shopping with so much zest! Honestly, I am a no-frills person and not really that brand-conscious. When I love a certain product I've tried, I'll stick to it at all costs! whew, talk about endless loyalty,eh! hehe! So, herewith are my favorites when it comes to beauty and cosmetics!

I also use PH Care Feminine Wash, Nivea Deodorant and Johnson's and Johnson's Baby colognes! But lately, I've come across Bench Colognes, the pink variety, and I've come to love it,too!

For the health department, I use MX3 natural supplement (mangosteen extract) as well as Stresstab vitamins to assist me in my daily health and well-being!

There you are folks, hope you liked my share for this week's GT! Would love to read about your top picks,too! Till next ish! Have a great day everyone!


  1. Hi, Sha! Those are all my favorites. I used to horde a lot of them, but guess what, they always end up unused by the time their expiry dates come. Totally impractical. Oh, I used Derma Clear C at one point. :)

  2. Olay Age Defying...I think I'm going to need that soon...haha.

  3. Hi Shawnie Girl!!

    I didn't see your Meet Me On Monday post....let me know and I'll help you with linking up!!


  4. i also use the nivea brand for my deodorant. i will keep the olay age defying soap in mind. i'll need it in a few years. hee hee

  5. hi lovely people,thanks so much for the comments! working woman,virtual tralala,java and k!appreciate your views. will follow u back that's for sure!have a great day!

  6. You gave me the idea how important including vitamins in our shop list:)

    Thanks for dropping by my site. tc!

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