Monday, November 22, 2010

GT- Housewares /Home Section

Oh ow,am I so late! But hope I can make "habol" my entry pa for this week's GT!!

What I love to shop and look for in the Home Section are mugs,mugs,mugs!I love to collect them regardless of size,color and design. What endears me more to it is because of the very fact that I am a coffee drinker to the highest level and a really good round of coffee is enjoyed best when it's inside a really pretty,dainty mug! whew!

I also love melamine plates. Lightweight and dainty, they are a sight to behold. However, unlike the Tupperware brand the ordinary melamine plates really look shabby easily.

I guess that's about it, my friends! Hope to see you all around next week for our next topic. Kudos to Beauty Queen Gene for hosting Girls' Talk!
(P.S. The above photos are not mine,it's culled from the net.)


  1. nice may collection of mugs ka sis!

    i used to be fan of melamine until we relocate here. nice the melamine kasi di sya nababasag noh? unlike the regular plates.

    thanks for droppping by my page.

  2. hi happy thanks for the visiting your blog,too! have a great day!

  3. melamine ware is what we first used because we can't afford na mabasagan ng plates na babasagin due to our little kiddo. hihi. yep, i agree. cheap melamine get their prints easily removed.

    last warning na po. please put the EXACT URL of your GT post (for example sa ating Linky Tool instead of the link to your homepage ( so the girls can find your entry easier. para pag click nila diretso na sa entry mo for that week. we have a rule that i will delete links that points to the homepage. thanks :)

  4. thanks for ur comments! thanks k,am having a hard time with the linkys whew!tsk,tsk! thanks a lot for the reminder!