Wednesday, November 24, 2010

GT - What We Love Most!!

Happy Thursday to you all,beautiful blogger friends!It is always a delight to take part in GT discussions. This week's topic is about what we,ladies love most! And that, understandably is shopping for accessories and clothes.

I am not the shopping type and I do not have the luxury of time to go mall-hopping these days,simply because almost all of my time is tied between domestic responsibilities and taking care of my kids and hubby! I don't have any household help, a one-woman army so I guess I just have to accept the fact,for now.

But since I have long been a member of well-known beauty and wellness one-stop shops such as AVON and PERSONAL COLLECTION, I rely heavily on it in securing my must-have essentials which are lipstick and other make-up essentials, fragrances (especially colognes) and home essentials.

Accessories,ah! Who doesn't adore them!I have acquired at least a number of Avon Fashion's silver pieces since they are affordable and can last long given the right care and attention.

For clothes I check out chic and wearable pieces from Natasha,MSE and Boardwalk since I have easy access to dealers and am a member myself. But though buying clothes from these companies are much more convenient nothing beats that delightful feeling of shopping in malls yourself, since you can fit,compare and choose your wardrobe right there and then.

WELL!!I think that's about it my friends! See you around again next week for another round of GT! KUDOS TO BEAUTY QUEEN GENE!!


  1. I haven't been going out these days either sis, coz our car is in car repair after we had an accident. But I still want to do my shopping since Christmas time is here. Sorry po sa late visit ko ha. Na-busy lang po talaga.

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  2. Ah! We almost have the same taste! Hehehe.

    Although I don't rely heavily on Avon or Natasha, but I do make purchases from them, especially if I don't really have the money to pay now...but most of the time I do get them at Divisoria, it's a shopping haven I tell you..^^x

    But you know what, you just gave me an idea..since Christmas is getting expensive these days, I think I might as well do my shopping from these companies. Thanks!

  3. hi mel!thanks for dropping by! marisse,thanks for visiting!U are indeed right,Divisoria is really a shopping haven!! thanks and have a great day!

  4. If there were Avon ladies near our place, I'm sure I'd buy from them too. But since we don't, I just go to ukay. Hehe

    I noticed you put a wrong URL naman this week. The EXACT URL I'm asking for can be found by doing the following:

    1.) make a post then publish your post.
    2.) click View Post on the page where it says that "Your blog post published successfully!"
    3.) Get the URL on the address bar of your browser as it is the EXACT URL to your post.

    Any other help you might need in getting it, please let me know in a comment or a message to my Beauty Queen Gene blog. Thanks :)