Sunday, December 12, 2010


Another great week here at GT! Am a bit late in posting my entry but hope makakahabol pa rin,haha!

One favorite place my hubby and I would often visit is the People's Park In The Sky! This is located in Tagaytay City and it's referred as a great vantage point where you can see almost all of Cavite,Laguna,Batangas.

With temperatures that can drop to as low as 20-22 degrees Centigrade it's a great place to just cuddle up,enjoy the views and marvel at Nature!We usually hitch a ride going to the top of the park but when it's time to go home we usually take a hike down its winding trails until we reach the main road where most of the jeepneys would be waiting.

It's one of the most unforgettable places for me as we always visit it especially when we were still living in Cavite. But now that we're back here in Davao I am looking forward to that time when my hubby and I can visit the place again!! Well, maybe in a year or so!!

Here's a family pic taken at People's Park with our 2 kids in tow.Brought them there to let them experience the place,too!!

Well there my friends,hope I've shared something useful in here. How bout u!Would love to find out about your favorite hang-out places!! Till next week, Merry,Merry X'mas Everyone!!!


  1. I have been to Tagaytay but I have never visited People's park in the Sky :) someday I will visit it:) (crossing my fingers though) ehehe:) thanks for the visit:)

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  3. I couldn't agree more... We have the same place, TAGAYTAY City! I love love love the place too! Ü

  4. i have been there once, during a school field trip, and i have to agree with you, the view is amazing! i wish to go back there, this time with my hubby and kid para mas enjoy! :)