Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DAGHANG SALAMAT! This is all I can say! For having been bestowed this award by a great friend of mine,expatpinaybiz.Thanks friend! I will surely share this award with other equally deserving bloggers and mommy bloggers like me!!:)
And since it's a prerequisite that I should share 7 things about my not so ordinary life (hehe), then here it goes!
1. My name was given to me by a ninang of mine(godmother during Baptism rites)who eventually became a nun. (guess,i am godly in a sense?!!)
2. I am a full-time nanay(mommy) and housemaid,too! who does part time online writing jobs for allowance! (huh?)
3. My passions are singing, music, arts such as performing arts,theater arts and yes you could also say,practical arts!(hehe!)
4. I can be a truly hypersensitive person emotionally, but well, this is on a limited time frame though and just becomes full-blown when I am broke,depressed and feeling inaapi?!! (enslaved)...geeeezzzzz.... (kakahiya!!)
5. My family's happiness will and always is my priority.So long as they're happy then I'm made! (oh,really?!!!)
6. I am looking forward to a simple yet solemn church wedding in the near future. Yap, you're right me and hubby were just married through civil rites. (talking about peer pressure?!!!haha!)
7. I would really love to visit foreign countries in the future, if given the opportunity! Dream destinations?Canada,France,Switzerland and the exotic beaches of Thailand!
Thanks again bff for this award, to my blogger friends who visit my site every now and then, feel free to grab this award anytime you are all deserving of this!HURRAH TO ALL!!!

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