Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Great Bargains At Become!

I was going through my usual rounds of net surfing the other day to update myself with new trends on home accessories and fixtures when I chanced upon this online shopping website BECOME that offers a very expansive line of products. So many choices for everyone and I was able to find fixtures such as double shower head and plug in chandeliers!

Being the "hesitant fashionista" I was drawn to their array of fashion wardrobes and dresses and one particular item caught my eye, the *new* bcbg pumice silk sequin tunic top xs: BCBG-MAXAZRIA-SEQUIN-SKIRT, impressive and a total stunner!However, for best results the wearer should have long,toned legs and I have to work doubly hard at the gym just so I can squeeze into it!There's also a wide choice of coats and peacoats that were a sight to behold particularly this 1 madison tab waist peacoat WOMEN'S-PEACOAT which is one item I can have great use for since the weather these days can be so chilly and really cold!

It's not just an online shopping website but what I found impressive with BECOME was that it featured a Shopping Blog for shoppers and guests who are just dropping by for a visit at their site. Hmm,really quaint! And you can easily scroll down the page for a list of categories for a hassle-free and no-fuss online shopping, right at your fingertips! Do check it out and take a peek at their wide array of products, NOW!:)


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  2. i too am a hesitatnt fashionista :) will check out the site

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