Wednesday, January 26, 2011

GT - Resolutions/Wish List for 2011!

Hey there lovely friends!I am re-blogging(as opposed to reprinting,hehe)here a post I did on the first week of January as my share for this week's GT! Here goes!!

I've prepared a wish list in here that I hope to fulfill this year, in this year of the metallic rabbit. While it may still be too early to make assumptions, 2011 will hopefully be a year of creative pursuits and prosperity judging from the characteristics of this very fuzzy,lovable animal.

My Not So Unusual Wish List:
1) To Pursue Money-making activities

2) To Learn To Play The Guitar (again!)

3) To Devote Myself To a fitness program (and learn belly dancing!grah!)

4) To Be More Spiritually Aware

Hopefully I will be able to make concrete steps to make these a reality and not just mere wishes! huhuhu!!

Hope you liked my share for this week!How bout u?Would love to read bout ur resolutions,too!!! Have a great Thursday to all!!


  1. Concrete steps are good, I've found them very helpful in fulfilling resolutions and reaching goals. Maybe that can be your first concrete step for the year: "Make concrete steps". Hee Hee. :D May you do well in your plans for 2011, cheers to you!


  2. Thanks for dropping by...I would love to learn belly dancing, too..kaso baka di kayanin ng mga baby fats ko LOL!

    just followed your blog, sis...goodluck :)

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Good luck on your resolutions. :D

  4. my daughter wants to learn to play the guitar too. and the belly dancing? i love that! i am trying some steps sometimes with the help of you tube. =)

    good luck sis and happy gt!
    mine is here...

  5. good luck on money-making activities, girl! go for the guitar!

  6. belly dancing! that sounds like fun :) i hope you get to stick to all your resolutions girl ;)

  7. oooh! Belly dancing sounds like fun! I wish they have those fun classes over here.. They probably do, I just didnt know where :D

    How long has it been since you last played guitar?


  8. I've got so many on my list;)anyway, goodluck to you.