Saturday, January 1, 2011

GT- Vacation Get-Away!

Happy New Year Everyone! Kinda late in posting my entry but I do hope I can still squeeze in my share for this week's Girls Talk!

One place I am looking forward to spend a vacation someday soon is...BUKIDNON!Just roughly 5 hours from Davao City according to relatives who have been there before, this is one place I've been longing to visit for the longest time!

While it is easily accessible from where I am it is also one place with a renowned cool weather and home to acres of pineapples! So, while everyone else is dreaming of a beach getaway or a trip abroad, I think I'd settle for this lovely place teeming with greeneries, rolling mountains and friendly people (according to my mom).

One more thing I would like to check out is the Waig Spring Resort in Maramag,Bukidnon with its cable cars,large pools and hanging bridge! My cousins recently went there and the photos they took home convinced me that I better visit it someday soon.

I do hope I can visit it sometime this year with the whole family in tow or maybe with just my hubby and me! (talk of a long-delayed honeymoon!he,he!!) Truth is, I just find the place as a relaxing hideaway where you can commune with nature, away from the pollution and the noise of city life!

So,there my friends I hope I shared something worthwhile. How bout u!It would be great to know your favorite vacation getaways!!!


  1. sarap! sama naman ako! hihi.

  2. i would love to see Bukidnon too. but after my sagada dream!