Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lockers: Necessary Fixtures For Schools And Offices

Lockers are narrow compartments intended for storage of things, clothes,books and other personal belongings. It is usually made of sheet metal that’ s painted and very multifunctional,too. Lockers vary in size, construction and in the type of material it is made of and of great use especially in schools and offices. However,it is not entirely limited to these areas as lockers are now commonly found in gyms,health centers and other public places.
The versatility of lockers can best be seen in its purpose and function. Its characteristics include the following: a) it is equipped with a lock thereby ensuring security and, b) intended for use by people in public places for either on a long-term or short-term basis. It is offered free in public places such as gym lockers for the use of its regular members and users. Nevertheless, the purpose and security that it offer allow for more than one perfect reason why people are fond of using office,gym or school lockers.

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