Friday, January 21, 2011

Pole Dancing: Must Try For A Fitter,Slimmer You!

Pole Dancing:
Pole Dancing For Beginnners: How To Do Transitional Moves

Pole dancing is a creative and rare form of performing arts that combine the works of gymnastics and dancing.It is continuously gaining fame as a kind of workout with its primary moves requiring one to dance sensually with the use of a vertical pole. Popular pole dancing routines include spins, climbs and body inversions.

The benefits of pole dancing? This is surprising in the sense that it enables you to achieve upper body and core strength, flexibility as well as endurance.It is a perfect way to tone your body, keep you in shape and keep off those flabs!

However, there are some apprehensions among men and women if indeed they should try it out!( Yes dahlings, more and more men are drawn to it!) To begin with, it is somewhat similar to the weird acrobatics and choreography of strip dancers commonly seen on adult bars and strip joints! But whaddya know,pole dancing is gaining popularity today even among Bollywood celebs!

What's more exciting with pole dancing is this,it is being eyed as a form of athletic sport! So, don't be surprised if you'll see it soon as a competitive form of sport in the Olympics! Oh,and one more thing, I wish I can try out pole dancing soon! There's this really dandy sign post just around the block, hmmm.....

Friends I recommend that you check it out,too!Maybe this is the answer to your flab woes!


  1. hmmm, i find this very interesting bff. Just a little bit worried shaking those flabs while doing this.. maybe I should give it a try huh!!!!

  2. bff as they say,safety first before everything! so i think you should get a good,sturdy harness and attach it for safety! nyahaha!let's try belly dancing,too!! take care!

  3. I'd like to try this one but I do't think I look good on it. lol

    Would love to learn the pole dancing before I get married... at least to make an attempt. Crossed fingers.