Wednesday, February 16, 2011

GT- Cheesy,Mushy!!

Ohh, the things we'll do for love! Agree or not,most love stories are cheesy in nature and yet it's the mushiness and cheesiness that keep the love flames a-burning! I did have my share of this stuff, way, way back and this was about 17 years ago. You see, I had this long distance love affair with somebody who share the same passion for music like me. Since we often communicate mostly through letters and on the phone, we sang to each other every time we have the chance. That time it was still "cassette tapes" era and he would send over voice tapes which are of a scented kind. How it really did make my day! Also, the voice tapes were a great way to preserve his voice and somehow I can visualize his presence. It was also a great excuse to listen to his voice and songs everytime and anytime, and even anywhere! Since I had this "walkman" with me all the time! Graaah! the craziness and the cheesiness of young love,sweet love!

So, that's it my friends, hope I shared something that really made you smile!How bout you, would love to hear your thoughts,too!! Have a great Thursday!Happy GT!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Meet Me On Monday!!

A rollickin' Monday to all!The love month is here to stay so I wish you all the love in the world!Here's my share for this week's meme!Pls do read on....
1. Did you watch the Superbowl?

Nope, haven't watched it!One reason maybe is because I'm not a big football fan or any sport for that matter.I am more into reality shows that showcase talents and musicality!
2. What is the last book that you read?

The last book I've read so far is Chinkee Tan's TILL DEBT DO US PART,a handy book that discusses how to achieve financial freedom with the help of some practical tips applicable to the local setting. The author is an actor turned-entrepreneur-cum motivational speaker.
3. What is your favorite kind of cake?

Definitely it would be chocolate moist cake baked by my sister Sandra!She whips up sweet treats in a whiff!It is an all-time hit and best seller among friends and customers,too!
4. Do you snore?

NO AND A BIG NO!Sadly, my hubby snores and my how he snores!!Good thing I have gotten used to it as years go by it even lulls me to sleep!!
5. Do you play an instrument?

Currently no, but when I was this tall I took up piano lessons and briefly played the guitar and ukulele with the help of my uncle who mentored me.The years of non-practice has made me forgot all about playing such instruments though! But I am bent to learn the guitar again!!!
There my friends,hope I shared something worthwhile here!How bout you,would love to know your side,too!! Have a really great Monday ahead!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

GT- Stupid Love

Ah,Love Month!It is that one time of the year when we are reminded of that very special emotion,the reason why we persist with life and continue to live and breathe each day! Sad to say, we can become stupid at times,though. I mean, I guess I'd say, we are unguarded during certain times of our life that's why we tend to become foolish, manipulated, whatever!

For the life of me,I have gone through this phase,too.You know, the thought that things will work out fine for you and a beloved.I was a fledgling kolehiyala that time and he was a working student, but miles away from me. He was in the North side, I was in the South side of the Philippines! That time the internet was still in its infancy,albeit not yet fully introduced here in our country but we became friends and lovers all the same. However, the distance was excruciating and unbearable. And I, the starry-eyed Juliet waiting for her Romeo was hoping against hope that we will someday be together, for keeps.Sad to say,it didn't work that way and communication dwindled and eventually stopped between us. I think I've experienced how it was to die inside...that time!SIGH,SIGH,SIGH...And I really thought he was my soul mate...

Wohoo,and I do hope I shared something worthwhile here huh! haha!How bout u my friends!Would love to read your stories! Have a great Love Month ahead!!!