Wednesday, February 16, 2011

GT- Cheesy,Mushy!!

Ohh, the things we'll do for love! Agree or not,most love stories are cheesy in nature and yet it's the mushiness and cheesiness that keep the love flames a-burning! I did have my share of this stuff, way, way back and this was about 17 years ago. You see, I had this long distance love affair with somebody who share the same passion for music like me. Since we often communicate mostly through letters and on the phone, we sang to each other every time we have the chance. That time it was still "cassette tapes" era and he would send over voice tapes which are of a scented kind. How it really did make my day! Also, the voice tapes were a great way to preserve his voice and somehow I can visualize his presence. It was also a great excuse to listen to his voice and songs everytime and anytime, and even anywhere! Since I had this "walkman" with me all the time! Graaah! the craziness and the cheesiness of young love,sweet love!

So, that's it my friends, hope I shared something that really made you smile!How bout you, would love to hear your thoughts,too!! Have a great Thursday!Happy GT!!


  1. wow, scented tapes....never had those before. but i agree that recordings are a good way to feel your loved ones presence when they are so far away. makes you feel that they are right there with you :-)

    happy GT!

  2. So sweet!
    I like all things old fashion like tape recordings and snail mail, because you get to keep them, and then take them out whenever you misses that person!

    Do you still keep them? :)


  3. That is super mushy for me. Hope you keep those tapes and still keep on listening to them.

  4. hi pretty bloggers,thanks for the comments!@ legal babe,it's in my mother's place now that i have a family of my own lest my hubby discovers them, baka makantiyawan ako hehe! thanks and happy gt to all!

  5. oh.. that was really cheesy! but i like it, lol! it was fun!

  6. wow! so old yet so sweet!!!!!


  7. thanks for know i dont like your name (shawie)...LOL!

    you remind me of someone..actually that is the name of my ex-bf other woman. but I have no ill feeling for her. Its not her mistake if my then bf courted her. long story, we known each other pa (the girl) my constant textmate and chatmate. Just imagine how i hate the guy after i know that..

  8. scented voice tapes? wow. i haven't heard of those, but what a way to communicate!