Wednesday, February 2, 2011

GT- Stupid Love

Ah,Love Month!It is that one time of the year when we are reminded of that very special emotion,the reason why we persist with life and continue to live and breathe each day! Sad to say, we can become stupid at times,though. I mean, I guess I'd say, we are unguarded during certain times of our life that's why we tend to become foolish, manipulated, whatever!

For the life of me,I have gone through this phase,too.You know, the thought that things will work out fine for you and a beloved.I was a fledgling kolehiyala that time and he was a working student, but miles away from me. He was in the North side, I was in the South side of the Philippines! That time the internet was still in its infancy,albeit not yet fully introduced here in our country but we became friends and lovers all the same. However, the distance was excruciating and unbearable. And I, the starry-eyed Juliet waiting for her Romeo was hoping against hope that we will someday be together, for keeps.Sad to say,it didn't work that way and communication dwindled and eventually stopped between us. I think I've experienced how it was to die inside...that time!SIGH,SIGH,SIGH...And I really thought he was my soul mate...

Wohoo,and I do hope I shared something worthwhile here huh! haha!How bout u my friends!Would love to read your stories! Have a great Love Month ahead!!!


  1. I guess everyone has their share of stupid moments when it comes adds excitement and spice to life :) Happy GT!

  2. aaaaaw mahirap talaga pag long-distance relationship noh? But you were really brave to go for it.

    Thank you for sharing! Happy GT!

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  3. long long distance love affair oh woo hoo!!!
    hihi ^_^

    Mahirap talga Sis pag akala mo soul mate muna ang isang tao, kasi pilit mong gagawin lahat eh, tapos sa huli bokya pala!! pero that taught us to become wiser diba???

    Happy GT ^_^

  4. long distance relationships are very hard to maintain.

    i'm sure there was a certain conviction that he was the one pero of course, you know dahil nagkahiwalay kayo ng ganon2 lang, hindi nga siya.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Happy GT!

  5. but the point is you did try your best and you did fight for your love..if it's meant to be, it will always be..:)

  6. thanks to all my blogger friends who dropped by for a visit and commented on my post!While it may be true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, it also makes it ponder!hihihi!have a great day everyone!

  7. dumaan din ako sa ganyan... yung 1st, di nagwork-out but it was not because of the distance but sa difference in priorities. Yung 2nd, naging ok. Si hubby ko na siya ngayon :)

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  8. that was sad.. maybe he wasn't really meant for you..

  9. long distance relationship is really hard with all the temptations around....

    Happy GT!

  10. if two people are meant to be together, then they will find a way no matter what. and since you two didn't work out because of your distance, then you have made the right choice to let go :)

    but hey, you have made your effort, and that alone, winner ka na dun ;)

  11. and you forgot to link to the exact URL of your blog post again (it was linked to the homepage). next time okay? thanks!