Saturday, March 5, 2011

GT- Turn That Darn Music OFF!!!

Hi there my friends! Another month and another set of exciting,new topics for us!'s supposed to wash away the stress, the worries and aims to relax us so I do not see any point at all how heavy metal rock can be categorized as music! Here's just a sample of the so-called heavy metal genre that makes me feel like screaming to the top of my lungs the words..."TURN THAT DARN MUSIC OFF!!!"

HAPPY GT EVERYONE!!See you all next week! Kudos to Kaye for coming up with great, juicy topics everytime!!


  1. oh dear. i used to listen to Enter Sandman and Unforgiven. But i guess they were no longer hard core metal that time :)

    happy GT!

  2. ouch. my ears hurt listening to that. never was a metallica fan, and i guess never will be :D