Wednesday, April 13, 2011

GT: Biggest Fan!

Celebrities and the showbiz glitz play a very big part of almost everyone's lives. They are presented as subliminal symbols and act out parts that we in our subconscious minds would like to reenact or would love to represent. Their lives, off cam, of course are just like the rest of us because they are also humans with lives of their own. But for all they're worth, there will always be those "stars" that seem to amaze us endlessly. A big part would be their acting prowess, I agree, but contributory would be their character and how they present themselves to the general public.

For me, these two celebs are certified hot and though I don't go to the extent of drooling and idolatry, I still refer to myself as a big fan. Why? every time these stars are on TV,on mags or wherever I get a glimpse of them, my world just stands still. PERIOD. hahaha! My faves at present are: ROB PATTINSON and COCO MARTIN!!!

THERE! Hope you liked my share for this week's topic, Happy GT to all!


  1. cheers tayo kay Coco.. dami na nating Coco fanatic!! hihihi

  2. coco fanatic ka din! nde lang pala ako ang patay na patay sa kanya hahaha...

  3. Rob Pattz!!! Awww, why didnt I think of him.

    He is just so ooooooo-ilicious! :P :)

  4. parang magkamukha sila..hehehe... love him dun sa series nila ni Kris.. kalimutan ko
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  5. Ooooh, that's a nice set of eyes you got, Robert Pattinson. :)

    Visiting from Girls Talk, my post is now up, too.

  6. now my fourth time to see coco martin here at GT :) i love Rob in Harry Potter :)

    Thanks for indulging my star struck daze. Never hesitate to drop by my STREET.

    Happy GT!

  7. Bite me Rob! waaahaha!
    Hope you can visit my entry too! Thanks a lot!

  8. wow dami coco martin fanatic mga sis ;)
    i once went gaga over the twilight series but am not really a big fan of rob pattinson, for me he will always be the handsome cedric diggory:)
    happy GT!

  9. oo nga, napansin ko din ang daming COCO Martin fans dito.....

    mine is up here:

  10. dropping by from GT.

    used to like Rob Patz.

  11. strike three for coco martin this week! but i'm sorry to say i'm not a fan of pattinson. i'm team jacob e. hahaha!