Tuesday, April 12, 2011

GT- Food To Die For: Going Gaga Over Food!

Hi mga ka-GT! Sorry for this late entry! After going cheesy over Music and all this month's topic will surely blow us off! But of course, who wouldn't love Food after all! Had a hard time figuring out what's my FTDF (food to die for) coz of endless choices to choose from. But right now, what I'm craving is hmm..lemme think.. PINEAPPLE PIE! freshly-baked, that is! Had a taste of it way back when we were in Los Banos, Laguna. Though the place is famous for its buko pie, the pineapple pie was similarly delectable! Eating one while still kinda hot was like heaven, wohooo!

So there goes my FTDF for this moment, but I can't truly say it will be the same one for the next two hours or so! haha! Till next session, Happy GT to all!!


  1. i don't like pineapple pie if it's not hot, and i agree, eating it fresh out of the oven is heaven on earth :)