Thursday, April 14, 2011

Summer Time Is Tuli Time!!

It's now summer time here in the Philippines and at this certain period of the year it does not only mean Holy Week and endless bonding of family and friends at the beach. It is pure and simple Tuli (Circumcision) Time! But well, I guess you're wondering why the heck am I blabbering about this! Well the truth is, my eldest son is due for circumcision sometime this week and it's not only him that's excited about it, but me as well!

While circumcision may be a highly-accepted procedure here in the Philippines I was kinda taken aback to know that it is not entirely the case with some Western nations. While it has been referred as a very ancient procedure it's not merely for medical reasons but it borders on the religious and cultural practices of a certain race or nation. Bet I'm doing my share of research huh!

But it is entirely good to know that the procedure can protect our children from the havocs of cancer specifically cancer of the cervix and the pelvis. It can also protect the male species from the dangers of HIV. For several years now there has been an annual Operation Tuli in any particular barangay or community here in the Philippines which is a positive thing. I think it has also increased the people's awareness with regard this very basic procedure for men which has been rightfully termed as a Rite To Manhood...


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