Friday, May 6, 2011

Awesome First Blogversary Giveaways!!!

One Proud Momma

I have just been doing part-time blogging for a few months but I really found it as a fulfilling way to express myself and discover online friends,too! A fellow blogger-great friend of mine encouraged me to join this blogversary giveaways contest of Mommy Eihdra for her blogsites One Proud Mama and Make Money Online.

Well, I am crossing my fingers that I did the instructions accurately, considering that I am a newbie. Truth is, I really had a hard time with the codes and all, my apologies everyone!lol!

The major prizes included Tory Burch and Cartier Bags, accessories that I can only dream of having! sigh! So here's crossing my fingers I get to win, nyahaha!"wish ko lang!" Minor prizes include Furano Mango Tops and selected perfumery while Sansan make-up is up for grabs as consolation prizes.

Opps, before I forget, the mechanics stipulated that the SPONSORS should appear in my post so here it is...thank you dear sponsors!! please make me win, please!!!!lol!

Drumroll please for the amazing... SPONSORS!!!

Viva Trips & Tips * House of Maria * Corsame Lane * Pinay Mommy Online * Proud Mommy of Three * The Filipina WHAM * Mom Writes * Heart’s Content of a Mama * Love Home Grow Garden * The Jolly Toes * Seasons and Seasonings * Insights of Over 30 Something Creature * My (Second) Hand Philosophy * Really Interesting Projects * Mommy’s Joy Ride * A Woman’s Shell * Multi-Tasker in Action * Everything Nice * The Misis Chronicles * Health and Beauty Geek *

Make Money Online * One Proud Momma * Samut-Sari * Foodies Galore * Earn Dollars Pinoy! * What’s UP?! * Pop Ups of my Mind * Treat your Palate * Cebu News and Events * Travels and Explorations * Everything Alabama * A Woman’s World * Brown Pinay * My Point of View * Jared’s Little Corner * Pink Memoirs * Topics on Earth

AND, that's it guys!! Best of Luck for Mommy Eihdra's First Blogversary Giveaways! Have a great day, all of you beautiful people!!!

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