Friday, May 6, 2011

GT: Memorable Summer At General Trias!

It's now Summer Time and the heat can really be a nuisance especially when you have super active kids who seem to sweat nonstop! But this time of the year will always be special for all of us because it means nonstop bonding with family and friends!

I have had so many memorable summers when I was just a little girl but I would like to share one memorable summer I spent with my family.

The photo above of my two bugoys was taken in General Trias, Cavite. We stayed there for the summer in 2009 and until the first quarter of 2010. My hubby had this trike which we often used to roam around the neighboring places.

That picture of me and my 2 boys was taken one hot,summer evening in the house we were staying on at Tahanang Yaman Homes in General Trias. At first we had a hard time adjusting to the place but soon found a loyal circle of friends. I miss my friends there who were also fellow nanays and the mothers of my son's classmates at nearby Berenice School of Foundation.

That's my boys clowning around while we were hiking along the trails leading to some rice paddies just adjacent to the place we stayed on. I consider it as a memorable summer indeed because we learned to adapt to an entirely new environment and discovered good friends and buddies along the way!

Well friends,hope you enjoyed my share for this week! I'm off to visit fellow bloggers now and read about their summer mem'ries,too!! Happy GT to all!!


  1. hmmm... the kids seem to be having fun! lol!

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  2. great summer fun indeed! Happy GT!

  3. your two boys are so adorable, super cute on that last snap

    Here's my GT entry, hope you check it out too
    I Love Darly!
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  4. your boys are so cute! i guess when you already have kids, summer can't help but be fun and memorable ^^