Wednesday, June 15, 2011

GT: Math Hater

DIZ IZ IT!nyehehe!The most hated school subject, the curse! I remember how I would hide under my desk when I was in Grade 2 everytime our teacher starts to point her fingers at us during the multiplication table memorization! I would be literally crawling on the floor, at para di dyahi, would pick up pieces of paper and other kalat under the chairs! (ala janitress) weeeh!

Then came high school,the curse heightened all the more! Trigonometry, Geometry, Physics!! Whew, I can't make out any sense why they made us go through all that misery! Algebra was kinda fun though, and yes, Bookkeeping, I got exempted in the final exams, weeeh!! (again! hehe)

College was way more tolerable, I can at last avoid Math subjects save for about General Algebra and Statistics, that's that! The secret? I chose the course Communication Arts and when I reached 3rd year it was literally a Math-free world for me!! So that's it my friends! Hope you enjoyed my share. I'm off to visit other fellow bloggers. Happy GT to all!

Friday, June 10, 2011

GT: Favorite Subject!!

Hi there to my fellow ka-GT! I was absent in here last week but here I am again and excited as always to post my share on this week's topic.So, here it is:

Elementary: My favorite subject is English and of course, Music! This was the time when we were exposed to various regional songs and taught to read musical notes, etc,etc.

HighSchool: It would be English and Literature! Although I have to include Religion (it's CCP in the Catholic school I went to)and yap, Population Education(hehehe). I remember getting a Best in CCP everytime we have our recognition rites.

College: It would still be any English related subject and Arts/Film Appreciation. I especially loved it when we are made to chose a particular film of any genre and make a critique on it. I was also especially fond of our major subjects such as Radio and Video Production.

So that's it folks! How bout u? Would love to read about your fave subjects,too! I'm off to visit fellow-GT folks now!! Take care always, peepz!!