Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gray Hair: Some Important Facts

I was combing my hair this morning when lo and behold I noticed streaks of gray hair amidst my usual black crowning glory! Panic started to set in and I can't help but shake my head, geez, I am THAT old already? And yet, why is it I am still in self-denial? I tried to remove it but while I did succeed in pulling out 2 strands I discovered that small, gray strands were still tucked in safe amongst the black strands. Sigh! I have to simply accept the fact that I am pushing 40 and graying!!

Studies show that gray hair is of course normal as we age and that it is but natural to have gray hair when we are about to reach the age of 40. As they say it is a sign of wisdom! (to this, I still have to convince myself!lol!) Heredity also play an important role in graying hair which means to say that if your parents had gray hair earlier on there is a great chance that you will also experience the pattern. Why do our hair turns gray? It is because of the absence of hair color pigments called melanocytes/melanin which decline as we age. While our hair continues to grow it does not contain melanin anymore therefore resulting in gray hair.

I found out that there are a number of reasons why hair becomes gray prematurely and this includes: a) when you're deficient in Vitamin B12, b) when you have thyroid problems or disorder, c) vitiligo (a condition where one loses the ability to produce melanocytes resulting to white patches of skin and premature graying of hair), d) early menopause and yes, smoking! (to the latter two reasons I am sure I am not guilty of!)

Yeah right, so if every gray hair tells a story then I can vouch to high heavens that mine is a merry mix of teledrama, comedy and tragedy! whew! But who's complaining?! Ops, a bit of trivia guys, DID YOU KNOW THAT GRAY HAIR IS NOT ACTUALLY GRAY? HAIR STRANDS ARE ACTUALLY TRANSPARENT! I just learned about it lately, thanks to Mr. Google and the blogosphere!

Care to share your own experience? I'd love to hear your side, guys! Oh and watch out for my future posts on wrinkle alert!! Ciao!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

GT: May 13 In History!

Hi there my dearies! First off I'd like to greet Marce Kaye a Very Happy Birthday! Here's my share for this week's GT, read on guys! :)


1846 - Mexican American War
1917 - First Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal
1981 - Mehmet Ali Agca attempted to assassinate Pope John Paul II
1996 - Tornado hits Bangladesh, 600 people perished


1950 - Bobby Valentine (American baseball player)
1951 - Stevie Wonder (singer)
1957 - Manuel Roxas II (politician)
1961 - Dennis Rodman (basketball player)
1986 - Robert Pattinson (actor)
1987 - Hunter Parrish (actor)


1903 - Apolinario Mabini (politician)
1961 - Gary Cooper (actor)

Funny but I learned through Wikipedia that I have a birthmate(kabertdey) who's also my namesake, she's also named Sharon and was an American politician.

That's it my dearies, hope I shared something worthwhile in here! Off to blog hop now, have a really great day!

Friday, July 1, 2011

GT: Most Memorable HS Moment!!

Hi dearies! I missed last week's topic and for a very silly reason, I don't have a single class picture tucked away in my mahiwagang baul! (ouch!) Or maybe I did have one or two pics but completely forgot where I hid it! So now I'm back and itching to share my most memorable HS moment.Care to know? Here is my tell-all tale...

The moments that will forever hold special memories for me would be our HS Intramurals! Nope, it wasn't the sports events and the cheering competitions that I relish but the Love Knots Booth and the Marriage Booth!(Wahhh!)where one gets to be "captured" and then your hands get tied with a guy. Why this is memorable for me is obvious, it gives me the chance to be literally near my super crush for that particular year(or month!hehe!). Yet life is just unfair for me because the guys paired to me were not my type and Mr. Crush would always end up "fully booked" with the rest of the gals!(grrr!).So sad and depressing for a girl like me but then again so truly memorable. Every time I look back and reminisce HS LIFE, it would always lead me to these Intrams moments!

So that's it my dearies, hope I shared something worthwhile in here. Hope you didn't find it so boring! hehehe! Okay I'm off to visit other ka-gt now! Enjoy the rest of the week, HAPPY GT TO ALL!