Wednesday, July 6, 2011

GT: May 13 In History!

Hi there my dearies! First off I'd like to greet Marce Kaye a Very Happy Birthday! Here's my share for this week's GT, read on guys! :)


1846 - Mexican American War
1917 - First Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal
1981 - Mehmet Ali Agca attempted to assassinate Pope John Paul II
1996 - Tornado hits Bangladesh, 600 people perished


1950 - Bobby Valentine (American baseball player)
1951 - Stevie Wonder (singer)
1957 - Manuel Roxas II (politician)
1961 - Dennis Rodman (basketball player)
1986 - Robert Pattinson (actor)
1987 - Hunter Parrish (actor)


1903 - Apolinario Mabini (politician)
1961 - Gary Cooper (actor)

Funny but I learned through Wikipedia that I have a birthmate(kabertdey) who's also my namesake, she's also named Sharon and was an American politician.

That's it my dearies, hope I shared something worthwhile in here! Off to blog hop now, have a really great day!


  1. Oh I love Stevie Wonder's so soft voice.
    At sinong di nakakakilala kay Dennis Rodman, hahaha! This is getting more fun.

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  2. I'm not sure if I have any birthdaymate that is popular in the Phils.

  3. you have the same birthday as Jenn!

    she didn't mention robert pattinson, though. i guess she's not a huge fan. hee hee :)

  4. More of a celebrity people you shared the same birth date..

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