Friday, July 1, 2011

GT: Most Memorable HS Moment!!

Hi dearies! I missed last week's topic and for a very silly reason, I don't have a single class picture tucked away in my mahiwagang baul! (ouch!) Or maybe I did have one or two pics but completely forgot where I hid it! So now I'm back and itching to share my most memorable HS moment.Care to know? Here is my tell-all tale...

The moments that will forever hold special memories for me would be our HS Intramurals! Nope, it wasn't the sports events and the cheering competitions that I relish but the Love Knots Booth and the Marriage Booth!(Wahhh!)where one gets to be "captured" and then your hands get tied with a guy. Why this is memorable for me is obvious, it gives me the chance to be literally near my super crush for that particular year(or month!hehe!). Yet life is just unfair for me because the guys paired to me were not my type and Mr. Crush would always end up "fully booked" with the rest of the gals!(grrr!).So sad and depressing for a girl like me but then again so truly memorable. Every time I look back and reminisce HS LIFE, it would always lead me to these Intrams moments!

So that's it my dearies, hope I shared something worthwhile in here. Hope you didn't find it so boring! hehehe! Okay I'm off to visit other ka-gt now! Enjoy the rest of the week, HAPPY GT TO ALL!


  1. hahaha! i think i can relate to that.. i remember getting deeply infatuated with one a star volleyball player during HS intrams, lol!

    MY ENTRY is here!

  2. haha! i can imagine your *kilig* during that time. as for me, i was always behind the booth as an organizer, so fat chance of being paired up with another guy. hehe