Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wait for me,CEBU!!

It is so hard when a breadwinner's job takes him to faraway places, away from the family. This has been my dilemma for quite sometime now considering that my hubby is always assigned to any branch around the country of the company that he works for. On second thought, I have come to accept the fact graciously. For one, while being away could be a deterrent, there is always a way to make up for lost bonding moments! :) One great way is of course by visiting him, thanks to airfare promos! Since my hubby is assigned in the Queen City of Cebu both of us decided that we can come visit him there at least once in a few months.

These are the places I have in mind which would surely be on the top five of my "must visit" spots in Sugbu!!

Magellan's Cross, of course, I won't miss it. For one, this is a very famous landmark and getting to visit it personally will surely take me back during the Spanish times!

Another thing worth checking out is Cebu's old and impressive churches! Just like the Paoay church of Ilocos, being able to visit these old churches will leave me amazed of our country's rich cultural heritage!

Chinese temples!But of course, not only will you get to see a panoramic view of the city but you will be able to appreciate the rich Chinese cultures thriving in this bustling city!

The beaches of Cebu! I wouldn't miss it for the world!:)Given ample budget and should I say extra financial resources, I would surely spend a whole day basking in the glory of Cebu's fine, pristine white sand beaches!!

Last but not the least,surely not to be missed would be Cebu's pasalubong centers!! Just now I am already craving for Freshco's export quality dried mango and yes, the Rosquillos!!!

Wait for me're just a few sleeps away!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

GT: Orangey!!!

Hi again, ladies! I love the orange hue because it seems to have a positive effect on my moods!:) Here are just some of the orangey stuff that I have now.

That's Avon's heaven scent summer bliss cologne! I love the smell because it bespeaks youthfulness and vibrance for life! This is what I love to put on my kids,too, so they smell fresh and clean all day.

That's the Avon Naturals Papaya body lotion! Another orangey stuff I have at this time. Been using this product for a few years already and I love its light, non-greasy feel on my skin. I usually apply it during nighttime just before going to slumber land.

So,that's it my friends!Would love to read about your orangey stuff,too, so off I go now to do my blog-hopping....HAPPY GT!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Abominable Blackhead!!

Hey ladies! So nice to be back here on GT! Went on idle mode for awhile but hopefully am now back to regular blogging. This week's topic is about something BLACK that we own. I decided to feature not an object,a gadget or a material thing for that matter. What I want to share is...tadaaa!!....the abominable blackhead!!

A blackhead according to Wikipedia is medically called an open comedo and a blackish bump in the skin which is usually a result of excess oils that accumulate in the sebaceous glands' duct. This explains why I am always plagued with it, I am cursed with oily skin! While blackheads contain keratin and sebum it owes its blackish hue to clogged hair follicles,where it usually occur, that reflect light. When extracted it is usually yellow-brown due to the melanin content.

It's not something I own actually, but something that seems so innate to me I am almost convinced by now that it grows with me!(huh?!) It's not something that I welcome with open arms, no mam! In fact, every single day I am in constant search of the right formula to get rid of it, forever!! Suffice to say, this is an SOS call and any suggestions how to get rid of it would be greatly appreciated! As for now, this is my share for this week's topic. So long, time to visit fellow GT mates!