Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Abominable Blackhead!!

Hey ladies! So nice to be back here on GT! Went on idle mode for awhile but hopefully am now back to regular blogging. This week's topic is about something BLACK that we own. I decided to feature not an object,a gadget or a material thing for that matter. What I want to share is...tadaaa!!....the abominable blackhead!!

A blackhead according to Wikipedia is medically called an open comedo and a blackish bump in the skin which is usually a result of excess oils that accumulate in the sebaceous glands' duct. This explains why I am always plagued with it, I am cursed with oily skin! While blackheads contain keratin and sebum it owes its blackish hue to clogged hair follicles,where it usually occur, that reflect light. When extracted it is usually yellow-brown due to the melanin content.

It's not something I own actually, but something that seems so innate to me I am almost convinced by now that it grows with me!(huh?!) It's not something that I welcome with open arms, no mam! In fact, every single day I am in constant search of the right formula to get rid of it, forever!! Suffice to say, this is an SOS call and any suggestions how to get rid of it would be greatly appreciated! As for now, this is my share for this week's topic. So long, time to visit fellow GT mates!


  1. Haha! Spot on, sister! That blackhead is perfect for this week's theme! :D

    Meantime, you might want to check out my Black HZ30W. Thanks and have a great weekend!

  2. hehe. i chuckled when i saw your title. i thought you were kidding. LOL. but hey, i have tons of that in my nose. augh. can't get rid of them. too lazy. LOL

  3. I hate black heads, I have many on my nose, they are not nice :-( dropping back for GT