Thursday, September 22, 2011

GT: Orangey!!!

Hi again, ladies! I love the orange hue because it seems to have a positive effect on my moods!:) Here are just some of the orangey stuff that I have now.

That's Avon's heaven scent summer bliss cologne! I love the smell because it bespeaks youthfulness and vibrance for life! This is what I love to put on my kids,too, so they smell fresh and clean all day.

That's the Avon Naturals Papaya body lotion! Another orangey stuff I have at this time. Been using this product for a few years already and I love its light, non-greasy feel on my skin. I usually apply it during nighttime just before going to slumber land.

So,that's it my friends!Would love to read about your orangey stuff,too, so off I go now to do my blog-hopping....HAPPY GT!!!!


  1. Wow! I surely miss Avon's Heaven Scent na. It's my fave back then! :)

    I enjoyed this week's GT so much because the color is so effortless to find at my end given that we have a Grand Caravan Mango Tango and we are now seeing a lot of orange colors around us brought by the Autumn Season!

    Hope you can visit me as well! Have a great weekend!

  2. Walang likas papaya? Oi taga BB ka pala.. para di tayo friend sa FB ahh.

  3. smells good with this cologne and spray, visiting for GT, hope you can visit me back here too

  4. i love the smell of Avon papaya lotion :)

  5. Got to see for myself how's the fragrance of Avon papaya lotion!

    Visiting from GT!