Friday, October 28, 2011


The Holiday Season is just right on the next block and the best way to celebrate it is through overflowing food,food,food! I am a certified sweet-tooth and moccaholic person so these are some of the things that we'll have for Noche Buena!

YEZZ! Mocca cake, choco moist cake and cupcakes all over!These are creations of my sister who whips sinful pastries and cakes.

Of course, another top fave of mine is the fruit salad swaddled in luscious cream mixed with a portion of condensed milk. AH,LURVE IT!

But then again, a holiday feast will never be complete without the usual viands and one sure star is the lechon manok!! MAKE IT CHOOKS TO GO PLEASE!!! lol!

REALLY, the list can go on and on and on!So,how bout you my friends!It's time to blog hop and check out the yummy faves of our GT girls!!! Happy GT everyone!


  1. i love chooks to go! good thing we have several sellers here in baguio. and wow, those cakes look yummy! i wish someone in the fam knows how to bake.

  2. thanks ms kaye!looking forward to next week's gt!!