Thursday, October 13, 2011

GT: Funny/Weird Food Names- INON-ONANG ISDA!

Here's a dish that I can say, something that I've grown up with. For one, my momma is a fishetarian, well, to a certain degree, so every day there is always a fish dish at home.

This dish is what we call INON-ONANG ISDA. It is the Cebuano/Visayan version of Paksiw na Isda. My momma usually uses tulingan/ barilison/tilapia in making this dish. I super lurve it when paired with tuyong dilis or fried "buwad bolinao"....yum,yum,yum!!!

So there guys, hope you liked my share for this week!Time to visit other GT mates!! Great day to all!!


  1. I love Paksiw na Isda especially when it is bangus.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. =)

  2. i haven't had paksiw na tulingan in a while! i love that! my mom likes to cook paksiw but since she's not here all the time, hindi kami nakakatikim :(

    yummy share!