Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Rollickin' Monday to everyone!Time for another round of interesting topics here at MMOM! Here's my share for this week's topic.

1. The best part of waking up each day is KNOWING THAT I'M ALIVE AND WELL AND SO GOES WITH MY FAMILY!!

2. If I didn't know how old I am today I'd definitely be 18!wohoo!!

3. I've always loved RED APPLES!

4. I do not forgive easily but well it all depends on the level of hurt a person has caused me. I've had quarrels with loved ones but it doesn't last for a day though! But it's another thing when you're betrayed by a lover and even a friend. That's the time when it really takes a while before I can actually forgive...

5. If I could live in any home in a tv series I think it would be the classic LITTLE HOUSE ON A PRAIRIE! It would be great to experience living on an entirely different environment and country and becoming first hand witness to the daily struggles of the lead characters!

Well,that's it my friends!! Hope you enjoyed my share for this week. I'm off to visit fellow bloggers. Nice Monday To All!!!


  1. rofl i use to watch little house LOL as a matter of fact my son's nick name since he was few seconds old is Halfpint, needless to say Him going on 15 he does not exactly like that nick name , especially since I showed him the show and let him see ,and know how I got his nick

  2. You are brave to want to endure all the family went through on the show. It was too sad for me to watch. Have a great week. Doylene