Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kamote Tops Tea:Refreshing Health Drink!

I have always been anemic. All through my teeny weeny years and onward till my twenties my blood pressure would normally settle at around 80/60 which would always leave our company doctor (during my career days) in awe. Now that I am in my thirties this can be a danger sign and while years back I would just normally settle for ferrous sulfate supplements as well as Stresstab I decided it's time to try out a natural cure.

That's when my hubby introduced me to "Camote Tops Tea". Camote/sweet potato plants thrive in a vacant lot near our home thus an abundance in camote tops and leaves. Being the plant expert that he is, my husband concocted a simple yet potent health drink which will not only address my anemia but an effective anti-oxidant as well.

What he did was simple, he gathered a bunch of kamote tops and washed them in clean water. Next, the leaves were removed from the stalks, placed in a pan with clean,potable water and allowed to boil in moderate heat. When cool enough the boiled concoction was strained and a pinch of lemon juice was added. This can be refrigerated or you may add ice cubes if so desired and then a helping of sugar to taste. VOILA! One can now enjoy all-natural and refreshing camote tops tea!

It is good to know that there are things in life that are free and this includes a healthy fix from camote tops right smack from your backyard. Opps, and just in case you didn't know, here are just some of the benefits of kamote tops: (kudos to

* it contains essential nutrients and minerals such as iron, zinc, sodium, potassium and calcium
* an important source of ascorbic acid,riboflavin,niacin and vitamin A
* an important source of antioxidative compounds that could protect the body from oxidative
stress associated with cancer and cardiovascular diseases

I enjoin you to try it and begin to enjoy its health wonders. Even kids will surely enjoy it as my kids truly do!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guava Jelly: No Fuss,Instant Sandwich Filling!

I noticed a few days ago that the two guava trees just adjacent to my home were brimming with fruits and a handful have already been turning yellowish and getting over-ripe. I instantly had this yearning for guava jelly, an age-old favorite of mine since I was but this small. So off I went to harvest the ripe ones, not the reddish variety though and the fruits were just medium-sized but it was nevertheless perfect for the guava jelly recipe.

Making guava jelly is actually very simple but it can also test your patience in a way!:) First off, I boiled the ripe guavas after thoroughly washing them with clean, potable water. Then I sliced them one by one and made sure that the guavas were fine and not teeming with maggots. Once boiled and tender enough I transferred the guavas to another container and let it cool for a few minutes. Then, carefully, I placed a handful of the boiled fruit in a clean cloth (a muslin cloth is highly preferred) and squeezed out the juice. After going through the procedure a few times the guava juice is now ready to be made into jelly. Sugar is mixed to the guava juice, as well as a tablespoon of lime juice on a 1:1 ratio, that is, 1 cup guava juice for every 1 cup of sugar and stirred together. I then placed the guava juice and sugar mixture in a sauce pan and cooked it in moderate heat.

It is in the constant stirring that one can fall into a relapse of boredness and become way too impatient. But alas, you can get your day's worth for all the trouble when you start to smell the rich, inviting aroma of the guava jelly!! yum yum! Then again, one should never be too quick to conclude that your jelly recipe is already done over and easy. Check if the mixture has become thick and kinda clear or transparent. That is a sure sign then, that your guava jelly is already cooked.

There you go fellas, guava jelly, nice and tasty!!Time to rummage now for sliced bread, or wheat bread if you prefer!!But oopps, remember, it is best served kinda cold, not HOT!! :)))

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hats off for Robin!!!

I love watching comedy flicks both local and foreign ones. I may not be regularly updated when it comes to the latest films and tv shows but I deeply appreciate one when I get to watch it. There are plenty of local comedy actors which are very effective in their craft but internationally I have to single out Robin Williams! I happened to watch him lately on TV5 via the flick "Night In the Museum" and wondered if he has any recent film projects.

I've seen Robin in "Birdcage" and "Mrs Doubtfire" and his performance in those films were just simply amazing. I learned he got acting awards on those flicks as well. There is that intense seriousness in his craft even as he is delivering funny lines. And his eyes convey a depth that will draw the viewer to really take notice. His dramatic flicks such as "Awakenings" and "Dead Poets Society" were all the more endearing although he is far more associated with comedy flicks. I do hope he can come up with new projects soon!!!