Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kamote Tops Tea:Refreshing Health Drink!

I have always been anemic. All through my teeny weeny years and onward till my twenties my blood pressure would normally settle at around 80/60 which would always leave our company doctor (during my career days) in awe. Now that I am in my thirties this can be a danger sign and while years back I would just normally settle for ferrous sulfate supplements as well as Stresstab I decided it's time to try out a natural cure.

That's when my hubby introduced me to "Camote Tops Tea". Camote/sweet potato plants thrive in a vacant lot near our home thus an abundance in camote tops and leaves. Being the plant expert that he is, my husband concocted a simple yet potent health drink which will not only address my anemia but an effective anti-oxidant as well.

What he did was simple, he gathered a bunch of kamote tops and washed them in clean water. Next, the leaves were removed from the stalks, placed in a pan with clean,potable water and allowed to boil in moderate heat. When cool enough the boiled concoction was strained and a pinch of lemon juice was added. This can be refrigerated or you may add ice cubes if so desired and then a helping of sugar to taste. VOILA! One can now enjoy all-natural and refreshing camote tops tea!

It is good to know that there are things in life that are free and this includes a healthy fix from camote tops right smack from your backyard. Opps, and just in case you didn't know, here are just some of the benefits of kamote tops: (kudos to

* it contains essential nutrients and minerals such as iron, zinc, sodium, potassium and calcium
* an important source of ascorbic acid,riboflavin,niacin and vitamin A
* an important source of antioxidative compounds that could protect the body from oxidative
stress associated with cancer and cardiovascular diseases

I enjoin you to try it and begin to enjoy its health wonders. Even kids will surely enjoy it as my kids truly do!!

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