Wednesday, February 15, 2012

GT:Most Romantic Movie

I have so many favorites when it comes to romantic flicks, especially of the romance-comedy genre but I would like to say that this movie has really made a great impact where romantic movies are concerned.

Yes, The Bodyguard may be the big screen debut of the late Whitney Houston but it was nevertheless a very affecting movie. Kevin Costner was the perfect bodyguard, to say the least. How bout you, fellow GT mates? Off I go now to blog hop, happy GT everyone!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happiness is....

Kudos to KM for this great meme. I would like to join in the fun! Here's my share:


Ours is a simple one but I always feel complete when I am with them. Even though there may be days when I just seem to raise my hands in total surrender out of sheer exhaustion from being a full-time housewife and mom, still, it's all worth it. When my sons hug and kiss me it's enough to make my day. And when hubby tells me I'm the prettiest woman in the world I am immensely happy and grinning from ear to ear. I may not be convinced if it is really the case but still,I believe him!:))

Stay Happy Everyone!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

GT: Dream Date!

Hi again, fellow GT mates!Wow, a dream date, I think this is always of a priority for us gals and women. I sure have one but well it's still as it is, a dream, a fantasy. For one, I know that my hubby and I can't afford it, just yet, considering that we have 2 boys in school and finances to manage. But hey, it's not bad to wish even for something as mundane as a romantic wedding in Italy!wohoo! So, here goes my idea of a dream date!

It need not be on a Valentines Day but it's a date that is something out of the ordinary. I picture the two of us, that is, my hubby and me, walking along the side ways in Tagaytay, just enjoying the cool, mountain breeze.

And then we hie off to a simple, no-frills dinner in one of the cozy restos overlooking Mt. Taal. And yes of course, cap it all off with an overnight stay in Taal Vista Hotel!:))

But then again, it's all wishful thinking, for now I guess! But wait till I get to hit the lotto jackpot, hehe! I'd consider buying a chunk of Tagaytay Highlands, that's for sure!!:))

Well,how bout you ladies!Would be glad to know what your dream date is, so off I go to visit your sites,pronto!Happy GT everyone!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

GT:The Perfect Guy!!

Ours was a whirlwind romance but well, what can I say, my husband is the perfect guy for me! It wasn't all uphill all the time though. Aside from the normal adjustment period that we had to go through I found out a few traits which he didn't have that I have long dreamed to be what my perfect guy must be and these are: first, HE CAN'T AS MUCH CARRY A TUNE and second,he's not a ROMANTIC. BUT, DON'T GET ME WRONG! What he lacked in these departments he made up in other aspects. To enumerate: he provides well for me and our kids, he is very hands-on in terms of child-rearing, he understands me well enough and even contends with my kakulitan and above all, he loves my family and relatives to the hilt! He has also been my business coach lately!:))

Well, what can I say, we'll be celebrating our 10th year anniversary next month as husband and wife. Everyday is of course a challenge and a continuous learning experience for both of us but as I continue to discover more about him the more I can say that indeed, He's MY PERFECT GUY!:)