Thursday, February 9, 2012

GT: Dream Date!

Hi again, fellow GT mates!Wow, a dream date, I think this is always of a priority for us gals and women. I sure have one but well it's still as it is, a dream, a fantasy. For one, I know that my hubby and I can't afford it, just yet, considering that we have 2 boys in school and finances to manage. But hey, it's not bad to wish even for something as mundane as a romantic wedding in Italy!wohoo! So, here goes my idea of a dream date!

It need not be on a Valentines Day but it's a date that is something out of the ordinary. I picture the two of us, that is, my hubby and me, walking along the side ways in Tagaytay, just enjoying the cool, mountain breeze.

And then we hie off to a simple, no-frills dinner in one of the cozy restos overlooking Mt. Taal. And yes of course, cap it all off with an overnight stay in Taal Vista Hotel!:))

But then again, it's all wishful thinking, for now I guess! But wait till I get to hit the lotto jackpot, hehe! I'd consider buying a chunk of Tagaytay Highlands, that's for sure!!:))

Well,how bout you ladies!Would be glad to know what your dream date is, so off I go to visit your sites,pronto!Happy GT everyone!!


  1. Wow! Now that's a dream worth saving for! I can feel you sis, I have 2 kids also. Though both still in pre-elementary, the expenses are skyrocketing so good luck to us parents, haha! Keep your hopes up, who knows what future brings, hihi! Visiting back from GT ;)

  2. visiting from GT :) one day. you just might be able to make this into a reality :)

  3. thanks a lot for the visit!!crossing my fingers it will happen, maybe on our silver anniv??hehe,have a great day!!